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Forest Scented Clumping Formula Has Arrived!

See Why Bloggers are Raving About the Newest World’s Best Cat Litter™ Formula!

After weeks of anticipation and speculation, the cat’s finally out of the bag about our new formula.

Forest Scented Clumping Formula is the first cat litter to combine the outstanding odor control and easy cleanup of whole-kernel corn with the fresh scent of 100% natural wood fibers! It’s the pet, people and planet friendly solution that offers pine cat litter users a new choice for Hassle-Free Cat Care™. Made with natural and renewable ingredients and no added chemicals, Forest Scented delivers a fresh forest scent with no harsh additives or artificial scents.

We asked the World’s Best Cat Litter™ Catvocates – some of the web’s best bloggers – to try Forest Scented Clumping Litter and the results were outstanding!

Bloggers testing Forest Scented Clumping Formula have praised the new litter for its outstanding odor control and easy cleanup. Robin of Our Semi-Organic Life, awards it a 9.5 out of 10 while Darlene of PerPETually Speaking gives it “many paws up.” Heather of I’d Rather Be Changing Diapers said she is “blown away” and thinks Forest Scented might be her favorite litter! Jennifer of Floppy Cats said the new formula is her “favorite version” of World’s Best Cat Litter™ while Scarlet of Family Focus noted she is a “huge fan” of its outstanding odor control, clumping and easy cleanup!

Caroline Golon of The Happy Litter Box noted, “it clumped well and odor control was terrific.” She said litter users who prefer a forest scent should “absolutely try it out.”

After closely listening to our fans and cat owners, we realized the number one gripe they had with most scented litters is that the smell is often overbearing or artificial. That’s why we created a Forest Scented Clumping Formula that delivers a light and natural scent.

Lilac of Pawsitive Living said the new formula offers a “nice and subtle” scent with “no fear of your home smelling like those car pine fresheners.” Diane of Me, Him & The Cats agreed noting, “it’s not too strong – it’s a light and natural scent.”

Forest Scented even brought back fond memories for some bloggers who tested it! Tamar of I Have Cat said its gentle forest scent brought back “pleasant memories of wood shop class.” JaneA of Paws and Effect grew up a farm girl with both her father and brother working as carpenters. She said Forest Scented reminded her of home with a gentle wood aroma she likes.

Bloggers also appreciated that Forest Scented Clumping Formula is a planet-friendly product made of renewable ingredients. Robin of Covered in Cat Hair said she likes that the formula is made of wood fibers that might otherwise go to waste and noted, “you don’t have to be concerned that trees are getting mowed down to make cat litter.” And in keeping with our commitment to making products that are safe for pets and people, this new litter is also free of the silica dust that can be found in clay-based litters. Kimberly of Saving More Than Me said this is particularly good news for her cat “Bear” because silica dust would quickly ruin his shiny black coat!

And while many bloggers write about their human observations others choose to write from a feline perspective. “Boris” of Boris Kitty gave Forest Scented his “meow of approval” and noted its gentle scent. “Cody” of Cat Chat agreed and said the new litter offers a scent that is “pleasant, refreshing [and] NOT perfumy.” After laboring over his review for six hours, Ivan of The Cujo Chronicles summed it up simply by saying, “it wuz good.” Okie of The Thrifty Things said, “it was like having the outdoor and our bathroom” while Gracie of The Tiniest Tiger’s said Forest Scented brought out her “inner tiger.” Milo from The Maven of Social Media was pleased it didn’t track all over the house.

Still not convinced by those fur-balls? Well then you’d be happy to know that we have the pleasure of counting an aroma therapist among our Catvocates bloggers. Scent expert Layla Wilde of Cat Wisdom 101 summed up her experience with Forest Scented by writing, “They did it. They captured the essence of a natural forest.”

How’s THAT for an endorsement?

World’s Best Cat Litter™