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Valentine’s Day Giveaway!


Update: Congrats to contest winner Kristina Hughes! You’re sure to be the cat’s meow when you’re sporting that new bag. Thanks to all who entered. Keep loving those cats!

Happy Valentine’s Day and, boy oh boy, do we have a pur-rize for you!

A faithful user of World’s Best Cat Litter™ has offered up a one-of-a-kind messenger bag made especially for cat lovers and you could win it!


We’re giving away a handcrafted “Pesky Cat Designs” messenger bag sure to be the envy of any cat-lover. It’s made from cotton blend upholstery fabric, has an adjustable strap, two interior slip pockets and a swivel key clip, and was inspired by a shelter cat formerly known as “Little Orphan Annie”, who was rescued from the streets of New York City by the bag’s designer. The energetic kitty “Anni” now lives in Florida and is said to love spending time outside chasing butterflies, which explains the images on the front of the bag.

It’s a bag whose story is as interesting as its styling … and it could be yours!

Follow us on Twitter and Tweet the thing you love most about your cat(s).

Not on Twitter and still want to be entered to win?

Leave a comment on this blog post regarding what you love most about your cat(s).


Best of luck!
–World’s Best Cat Litter™

  • Tammy Kicak

    I love both my cats, but am especially close to Kali Poopi, for many reasons, but to put it simply, she is my best friend. I adopted her almost 10 years ago, after she had been abused & abandoned, & she is the most amazing friend anyone could ever have!!

  • Lynda

    My cat lets me hold him upside down in my arms which I call upside down baby kilet. I love Triscat more than words could ever say.

  • Anita

    What I love most about my cats is they keep me grounded … it can never be about me, as it is always about them!

  • amanda

    i love worlds best cat litter


    their unconditional love in endless amounts

  • Rachel Gorlin

    The thing I love most about our cats is their intelligence! They are incredibly smart, and often wise too. They can teach us bipeds a lot.

  • Elaine

    I love Annabelle’s playfulness and Midnight’s haughtiness. They balance each other and I can always find a cat that fits my mood!

  • Winnie Anderegg

    The best thing I love about my Cats is they give me all their love no matter what. We love each other unconditionally.

  • Sandy Dean

    What do I love the most about my cats? Wow, there isn’t much that I don’t love about them, except for maybe the occasional hairball. Each one of our “purrs” has their own distinct purrsonality, laid back like Rambo to outgoing like Angel. Our oldest guy, Tom, is 20 years old and frail now but in his prime he was quite a character. Tinker, who is 17 years old now has always been our “fat cat”, we aren’t quite sure how that happened, we just turned around one day and there it was! Then there’s Linny, who’s about 15, she finally came out of her shell, to our delight. We love them all and the pups too!

  • Anne

    What I love most about my cats is that no matter what kind of crappy day I might be having, as soon as I get home and hear them meowing at me before I even open the door, I know everything will be okay and if not, who cares? Cats rule.

  • Cara

    The thing I love most about my first baby is that when her namesake is on the cd player (Mimi from the Broadway Musical RENT” she is always sure to sing along!

  • Rosita

    I love how my cat knows when I’m in a bad mood and then she comes to me 🙂

  • L~

    I love how my two cats play fetch, the older one does not play as much as the younger one does but its still really cool to watch.. The young one has a small rubber bouncing ball that he plays with all the time.. You can throw it or bounce it and he will catch it bring it back to you for you to do again.. if no one will throw it, he bats it around the house and chases it.. He always knows where it is.. Too funny… :o)
    L ~

  • This is a fabulous Pur-rize 🙂 Thanks for the chance.
    I love a kitty leg cuddle when coming back home 🙂

  • Kathleen

    I love when I walk in the door and both of my sweet kitties (Turtles & Tuna) come to greet me every time with chirps, headbutts and Tuna plops on the floor expecting some belly rubs. I also love when they give me squint kisses. I am thankful everyday that I had the opportunity to rescue them. We were made for each other. They compliment my life in such a beautiful way.

    I adore Pesky Cat’s bags soo much, and have been wanting one forever. I would LOSE IT (in a good way of course) if I won this Gorgeous one of a kind beauty of a bag. 😀

  • Someone left my cat at the front door of our office he was probably 2 wks old. We bottle fed him…he is the ornerest cat I have ever seen or owned. No one can come in my house unless I am there he actually ran our air conditioner man out of the house. lol

  • Pat Trisko

    Everything-that is what I love most about my cats.

  • Awwww I LOVE this bag!!!! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE cats!!!!! What I love most about my ZOE? … hard to say! I love SO many things about my furry princess! But I would say her personality: sweet and strong at the same time — a purrfect Greek girl (I adopted her as a homeless kitten from the Greek island of Rhodes in the summer of 2003)!

  • Jamie Nakamichi

    I love my cats because they give me all of them. I recently lost my 3 year old kitty, Ryuu. He died suddenly and we don’t know how or why. He was my best friend. He was my little shadow and I miss him dearly. He was always there to give me hugs and kisses and to brighten up my day. We have since gotten a new little guy named Koda to help us through our pain. Koda has brought our house so much love. I just love cats and the love that they give. I could not live without a cat in our house.

  • Stosha

    I love how my cat tangles himself in my hair before he goes to sleep at night, so that I sleep with a kitty hat. 🙂

  • I love my cats (that I married into… haha) because even though I insist to my husband that they are ugly mangy felines they are the cutust and most cuddly creatures that always brighten my day. (p.s. don’t tell my husband i said this 🙂 )

  • Barbara

    What I love most about my cats is the way they can always make me smile even if I’ve had a bad day. They’re so silly and funny without even trying to be.

  • Loddelina

    I have always had cats, ever since I was a little girl – most of them were strays I brought home with me and begged my parents to let me keep.

    My favourite kitty, no longer with us, was a black cat with a little white spot on her chest, named Timika. She “talked” to me, communicating with little miaws and purrrs, following me everywhere, coming when I called her and waiting on the top of the mailbox for me every time I returned from school to greet me by rubbing her nose against mine – a true best friend.

    I am also a dog lover and with Timika I had a cat and a dog in one – I still miss her!

  • Dave

    My kitties love World’s Best Cat Litter esp Black who likes anything Green…Green Fuzz balls, Lettuce and World’s Best Cat Litter too.

  • Becky Burciaga

    My cat (Harley) is my buddy…he waits for me by the front door and is always glad to see me!

  • Jean R

    Anni’s bag is georgous! My four furry felines and I would love to have it! My furry fab four love World’s Best Cat Litter and I recommend it every chance I get.

  • robert olson

    i lost 2 of my cats within a year of each other last one
    i had put to sleep,in april of 2010 they were both 13
    1 died of cancer tumor the other of kidney failure,,,,,i loved them dearly and i couldnt stand being with out a love from cats so in may of 2010 i went to the shelter and
    got 2 kittens they will be 1 year old in march but my story is that i believe my cats sent the new kittys to me as the new kittys do the same things the ones i lost,,,,,cats really have love

  • Debra McDowell

    I love my cat’s velvety nose when she touches my face for attention.

  • Kay

    My cats keep me entertained all the time. I’m lucky to get room enough in my bed for me – I have to fight the two of them for space! But then they purr, and everything is fine!

  • Ellen Porcari

    Cute bag! What do I love most about my cats? I love that when I’m not feeling well, all 3 of them come and lay on me to keep me warm. Love those cuddles!

  • Eviejeevie

    My kitties (both rescues) brought out my son’s talkative side. He has Asperger’s and didn’t really speak much (his twin sister definitely made up for it though), but he really bloomed whenever he was around cats. Now he will talk to everyone about anything! This was definitely a bonus on top of the usual great things I love about Tinkerbell and Mirage – warm, snuggly, love-bugs with the the biggest eyes and hearts!

  • Dionis Blauser

    What I love most about my cats? What a tough question! I would have to say the way they are always ready to jump up in my lap and greet me with a purr at the end of a long day.

  • anash

    I follow you on twitter @ anashct
    email: anashct [at] yahoo [dot] com

  • anash

    I tweeted at!/anashct/status/36983512859033600
    email: anashct [at] yahoo [dot] com

  • Brianne

    I love my cats because:
    they help me with my homework
    they help me eat my lunch
    they help me do the laundry
    they always have lots of cuddles for me
    they nap with me
    they chase the dog’s tail as she walks by
    they sit in the sink and play with the water
    but most of all, I love my cats because they tell me they love me everyday with their meows

  • areta

    my cats are very lovable and cute.

  • Ellen Hobbs

    I run a feral cat rescue out of mu home, ive had over 170 cats spayed and nutered over the past 10 years aqnd i continue to care for all the cats and when they get dropped off on my porch i get them fixed, shot ect, im feeding 25-30 cats right now i have 8 of my own, and as long as i am able i will continue to do this i love them all

  • Heidi Olson

    What I love most about our cats is how playful they are, and how cute they look when they are doing it. I was always a dog person growing up, but now that I’m on my first two cats, I’ve switched to being a cat person.

  • Christine

    Couldn’t put a lot on Twitter due to their character restriction, so at least here I can say I love how my kitties all get along. They have such different personalities and come from different backgrounds yet they manage to overcome all that and co-mingle. One is a feral rescue, another is a humane society rescue, and the third is a pet shop rescue. We could all learn something from them! 🙂

  • Christine

    P.S. Win or not… that is one ADORABLE bag!!!

  • Gena B

    What I love the most about cats is their sassy nature. They don’t need you unless they want you, they really only need you to feed them, change the litter box, love on them and only when THEY want it.

  • Leanne Wegge

    Love your cat litter. Thank U for letting me know that U are on Facebook. Hopefully, will be able to get some coupons!!

  • Jenny Bilodeau

    The thing I love most about cats is their unconditional love.

  • Peggy

    My cats are sweet, loving and always available to love on me – one is a talker and he loves to “tell” me how much he LOVES ME!!!

  • Michael Johnson

    i love my cat ginger she loves to lick me which means her way to kiss me and love me unconditionally.

  • Mario Valenzuela

    I love when they cuddle with us.

  • sheri grennille

    i LOVE the way Wilbur snuggles under the blanket with me and his brother Orville does the same with my daughter.

  • Midge Brooks

    Kitty Kisses! There is nothing like a kitty kiss. I have 5 cats, all different personalities and they all show their love in their own little ways.

  • Denise

    What I love most about my cats are their distinctive personalities.

    I come from a family of cat lovers and we have had many over the years yet none have had personalities that resemble one another.

    I also love the way they stay with you and try to help you feel better when you’re sad or not well.

  • joy ferguson

    We went to the shelter for a mature cat, not a kitten. While several caught our eye WE caught Georgie Girl’s eye. She wouldn’t stop courting us until the adoption was complete. She loves to be loved and is just the purrfect companion to my 90 year old mother.

  • Laura

    Moxie, my 21-year old feline, possesses an extravagant love and has been intuitive and gracious throughout life’s joys and trials. She has never missed an opportunity to jump on my lap right before going out to an event, so I take a “piece” of her with me. She tastes tests recipes frequently, and loves to sample lettuce from our deck garden. Moxie loves me so much that, unbeknownst to me, she jumped into the front load washer one day to be close to my jeans. Fortunately, she howled during the pre-wash cycle and survived wet but unscathed. Yes, Moxie is aptly named for her sense of adventure and spirit; I am thankful for every day we have together

  • Devon Remy

    What do I love about my kitties? They’re always there for me. I get unconditional love. Oh wait, that’s dogs.

    The cats love me, I’m pretty sure. They keep me warm at night. and in the morning they race me to the kitchen, where I’m treated like a giant can opener with legs. I laugh every time I see their upturned faces, eyes wide and whiskers twitching. So cute!

  • Cindy Merrill

    When I picked out Emily as a tiny kitten last May, I puckered my lips and she put her paw on my nose! She’s been the center of my life ever since. Every morning, she lets me know that she loves me with a soft “meow” greeting.

  • Liz

    I love it when my cat sits in front of the mirror and just looks at himself
    Don’t know who he thinks he is but he’s too cute!

  • Karen

    3 dogs and no cats…I think I need this so I can have a cat in my menagerie that Oliver, Reggie and Carl would like!

  • Sheri

    I love my two cats because they have such different personalities, but are such faithful (if you can say that about a cat!) love for me. Always waiting for me when I get home at night from work.

  • Laura T
  • Laura T
  • Barbara

    What I love most about my cats is: The unconditional love they share with me each and every day!

  • Victoria Buldak

    Saw the ad for the messenger bag giveaway, and it is indeed a great looking bag that I would be proud to have.

    I am the pet parent of 3 girls, Mia, Agatha Christie (Aggie) and Chessie(named after the railroad)

    I love my girls because they are totally giving in their love to me. The love is not dependant on food, shelter or toys, but on the relationship we have with each other. All 3 come when called, each has a different personality and I do not ask them to change, nor do they ask me to act differently then I do!

    The love my girls give me has even changed a cat hater into a cat lover-my husband of 27 years, Mark.

    What more need be said!

  • I love that my cat Alaska is so cute when he plays with his favorite toy,a small catnip pillow. When he wants to play with it, this is what he does. First he plops down on the floor, then he picks up the pillow with his front paws. Next he rubbs the pillow all over his face. This looks like when someone is washing their face with a washcloth !!!!! He’s my CRAZY cat.

  • Gay

    I’m just grateful to have something to come home to. My kittens – Matisse and Sabene – always greet meet with love. Of course, they’re hungry and want me to get upstairs and feed them ASAP

  • Amy Jarratt

    I Love my cats. They are my 4 legged children with fur and purrs!

  • Linda Hawkins

    When I come home from being gone all day, my cat is faithfully sitting at attention, waiting on the stairs to greet me when I come in the door. He must recognize the sound of my car engine, since I live in a busy apartment complex. I was getting sinus infections from the dust of the popular types of Tidy Cats, and appreciate the natural odor and lack of dust from the World’s Best Litter. I’ve always been concerned about cats breathing and licking the toxic contents of other litters, possibly leading to the high amount of cancer found in cats today.

  • teresa

    I would love to win one of the bags, definitely a cat lovers bag. They are so adorable.

  • Leslie Schreckengast

    What I love most about my Cat is how he knows when I can use a little extra love. He’s my sweet boy 🙂

  • Joe Simmons

    I love the smell of my cat!!!!

  • AJ Sinclair

    I love the fact that they are independent minded, yet seem to know when you want company.

  • Joyce S

    Beau is a beautiful black cat with the best temperament. He loves to lie on us and be petted and purrs so happily when we do it. When the doorbell rings, he runs to the door to greet whoever is there. He expected a little treat in his bowl every night before we go to bed (3-4 pieces of kibble) and he sleeps quietly in our bed when he gets the chance — doesn’t want to disturb us, I guess.

  • Paula Corman

    Misty is my unconditional love. She is always close by.

  • Mary Parkham

    I don’t Tweet but, in my opinion, World’s Best Cat Litter is the world’s best cat litter and my 4 cats agree!!!

  • Patti Toby

    Love this bag! Great litter too!

  • Willow Thecat

    My cats greet me in the morning when I wake up. They greet me when I come home from work or shopping. They give me all their love and ask for nothing in return. They do expect food,water,and a clean litter box.

  • Van Bellamy

    I love my cats because they are such good companions. They are my alarm clock in the morning.No sleeping in late for! or no coffee till they are fed. I like cats better then dogs because you don’t have to babysit them and I can go away for a day and come home and the house isn’t torn apart

  • Cheryl

    What I love and treasure about my Missy cat is how she is in my lap the moment I sit, and on my head in a few minutes from lying down in bed.
    I dread the day when she is no longer with me. As she is 17years old I know the time is limited so treasure our every moment, as she does as well.

  • Lynda Mulligan

    Jack, is a 15 year old ornery, despicable varmint. These are words that my husband uses when discussing my sweet, kind 4 legged friend. Is it my fault that Jack was living here before him? Is it my fault that Jack walks on his head when he is sleeping, just to get on my side? Is it my fault that Jack uses his side of the bed as a litter box when he is angry at my husband? Jack is devoted to his Mom. When he can’t find me I hear him hollering, “MOMMMM”. How could a person not love Jack. Besides he loves butterflies, also. A cat like that can’t be all bad, right?

  • Steve McRorie

    Love the cats because they keep my head warm at night and next to never play the “let me out, let me in” game at the front door.

  • J Hanson

    I love that even when they are getting in trouble, they are still cute.

  • Dee

    My Kitten, will cuddle up to under my chin , at the end of night, after I have worked all day.

  • Tammy Cox

    I love World’s Best Cat Litter. It is soooooo much better
    Than clay litter. My cat, Harley, loves it, too. She is a little sweet heart.
    She loves to snuggle with me on the couch.

  • GG

    My cats give me company so that my house is not home just to me but also to three furry friends who share beds, chairs, mealtimes, and more.

  • Barbara

    What I love most about my cats is that they are always glad to see me when I come home from work and they always want to be near me. It’s nice to be loved!!

  • Linda Gosnell

    I have two cats, viper and jasper who are brothers. Viper keeps me entertained with his antics. He’s extremely smart and curious. He gets me up every morning at 6:00 so I don;t need an alarm clock. His favorite thing to entertain himself is to open the cupboard doors or drawers and check out what is inside or sometimes just to have a private area to take a nap. Jasper is my talkative friend. He greets all visitors and talks to them non stop. He is my lap cat and bed buddy. They are like children.

  • Denise Ewan

    i love how my cats follow me around try to get my attention….

  • Joanne Howard

    I have one cat I adopted 3yrs ago, she is constantly climbing up on my shoulder for loving hugs. She is a sweetheart though at times it is hard to do things with a cat perched on your shoulder.

  • Theresa

    The uniqueness of my foster cat Sasha, who we are in the process of adopting. She is a bengal/abby mix who is loves to follow me around the house all day. She is the most interesting cat I’ve ever owned. Loyal, yet independent, loving, yet sometime aloof, curious, but sometimes could care less, a free spirit, yet grounded. That is Sasha, the cat who just hasn’t been able to find a home (at least 4 that we know of, including a shelter) until now. We now refer to her as our other child, part of our family.

  • Barbara

    I love that my long-haired siamese greets me at the door when I come home.

  • Jennifer Arcia

    Proud to be a mommy of 2kids & 3cats, without them our family would not be complete!!

  • Nathan

    What I love most about my cats are they love me unconditionally, and are my partners with meowing faces in my day to day. No matter what we’re up to in the house they are our constant companions…lounging if not playing nearby always. As well, my cat Callie is quite a home renovation helper.

  • erin jolly-whitemarsh

    I love how our cats play fetch and “talk” to us to tell us to throw things for them!

  • Chrstine Angel

    The one thing that I love about my cat(Mr. Big Tickles) is the way he greets when i walk in the door from a large hard day at work. He’s sitting there with his front paws outstretched saying “Mommy I so happy your home”

  • Gail Garber

    I love my big Sue, she is adorable, cuddly big fluff of fir, playful, smart as a whip, and weighs in at a whopping 20 pounds, Sue is my cat and i love my Sue a lot, i would not trade her for any thing else in this world, she is 15 years old now, i had her since she was a kitten.

  • penny hall

    This is without a doubt the best cat litter in the world. My 3 cats are very fussy about there litter
    and won’t go just any old place!

  • Anne

    Mao waits for me by the door, sits beside me at the computer, follows me upstairs, then down, and purrs softly when I pick him up to cuddle.

  • Shirley Saling

    I love my Cats because they are all so loving and they give me so
    much. They each have their own name and don’t come to kitty kitty. They are so happy with me that when I let them outside they stay in my fenced back yard. If you know Cats if they want to leave fence or not they will leave. They all play with my dogs,
    chasing my Border Collie and Great Pryense it is a funny sight.

  • Shirley Saling

    I thought I JUST DID. I want to say that my Cats are my family. I
    love them dearly they are always ready to snuggle. When I say
    lets take a nap it is a race for the bed.

  • what is better after a long day at work than to come home and be greeted by your animals, unconditional love at its best, when i walk in the door my one cat Harley-girl has to give me a headbutt, she wants me to lean down and she smacks her head against mine and meows and rubs her head against mine, when she is done she goes back into her favorite box and lays in the sun, the other 2 cats wait for their rubs and kisses, now that is the way to end the day. i had to say goodbye to my best friend champie, my dog i rescued he was skin and bones it was like God brought him to me that day, in my truck he went and off to the vet, someone beat him so bad he had to stay almost a month, i went everyday to visit him and kiss him and when i brought him home he was afraid to go outside, God only knows what happened to him, I was Blessed to have him for 8 years before he went to Heaven to be with my Mom and Dad and his brothers and sisters. All of my animals have all been abused and abandoned and then Blessed to come home to alot of love, i am Blessed everyday by my animals. Never abuse animals

  • Doris

    my cats are always there to offer me some love.

  • Susan Fox

    I love how my cat show me love each in a equal but different way. They make me feel special and most of all very loved.

  • Nicole sweet

    The best thing about having Tink and Bits is no matter what kind of day I have at work, I always look forward to getting home and have them waiting for me at the door.