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Home for the Holidays—Adopt A Cat & Enter to Win World’s Best Cat Litter™

‘Tis the season for finding a pet,
Grace your local shelter or even your vet,

We’re sharing this poem in hope it conveys,
A new fur-riend for you and Happy Holidays!

At World’s Best Cat Litter™ we believe there’s no better feeling than truly being “home for the holidays”. During this charitable season, we ask you to consider giving the ultimate gift to the pet community by adopting a pet. To provide even more incentive for adopting, consider welcoming them into your home with the following:

  • 6 month* supply of World’s Best Cat Litter™
  • $25 PETCO gift card
  • Litter mat

Are you new to adoption? We recommend checking out all the tremendous resources and tools over at Specifically, we recommend using their adoption center to locate a four-legged friend in need of a home near you!

If you do end up adopting a cat, please leave us the details by commenting on this blog post and on December 15th we will randomly select someone who has shared details about their recent adoption. NOTE–We know that NOT everyone can adopt a pet and we ask you to think long and hard prior to making any commitments!

  • Linda Rizzuto

    We adopted our little Siamese 2 years ago from Mewtopia in Memphis. I actually saw her on their website in June. Unfortunately, we were going to be traveling a lot for the next month and knew we couldn’t give a new kitten the attention that she would need. Because she was a perfectly marked sealpoint Siamese, I knew she would be given a home quickly so I was disappointed that I wouldn’t get another beautiful Siamese. Amazingly, when we returned at the end of the month, she was still there. When we went to see if we could get her, there was a woman ahead of us actually holding her and deciding between her and another kitten. My husband agreed with everything she said about the OTHER kitten (so beautiful, so typically siamese, etc.) and we held our breath until she finally selected the other kitten – leaving our beautiful little Echo for us. Echo has grown into a beautiful typical Siamese cat (I’m sure the other kitten has too lol), but she’s special to us because she also looks exactly like a gorgeous Siamese who passed away after 18 years with us. Echo couldn’t be more loved in our family (although our other Siamese sometimes debates that point – but they also play together as good friends).

  • I just adopted a beautiful baby while Tabby from Wags and Whiskers pet adoption (which is on from my local area) and I also rescued an abandoned long haired beautful boy. I named my little kitten Mischa and my older boy is named Grizzly. He was a year and a half (roughly) when I rescued him, and Mischa just turned 7 months on December 1st! I love these little critters more than anything. They truely are the light of my life. I also just started using Worlds Best Cat litter. I am a college student so it was hard for me to begin the switch seeing as the price is a little higher, but it is worth every penny! I go through much less litter, and it turns out I am highly allergic to the clay litter! So this worked out beautifully. Since I will still be in school for the next couple years, I could use a jump start on winning some more of the most amazing cat litter ever! Grizzly Bear and Mischa would love it to 🙂 They are the sweetest cats and love on every human and each other. They sleep in a yin yang formation all the time, which is just precious 🙂 Please keep me in mind! I would benefit from winning this cat little more than you know! I need a new litter mat as well, and I have to get a few things from Petco, such as another scratcher so they stop attempting to rip my my crappy carpeting. THANK YOU, AND HAVE A WONDERFUL HOLIDAY!!!

    Pamela Wahl

  • Kathy Reiter

    Boots was officially adopted about a month ago. She is a gray and black tabby with white paws – hence the name Boots. Even though times are tough with my husband out of work we have added her to our family of 4 other adopted cats (added to the family over the years since 1995). All, including Boots, were strays. She had been hanging around our house and I put some food out on a cold, rainy day and she scarfed it up and didn’t resist when I brought her inside. She is slowy acclimated herself to our crazy household and we are truly blessed that she has entered our lives. Your litter is definitely the best – keep up the good work.

  • Valeria Mundy

    I have always been a “one cat at a time” owner, but just this weekend my heart was captured by this precious half-grown long-haired calico. When I first laid eyes on her, I was blown away at what someone had done to her. It was obvious that at one point she had a very long coat but some monster had shaved her slick from the shoulders to half way down her tail. I live in an apartment complex where, sadly to say, many cats are put out, abandoned, or deserted and left to fend for themselves. Being the “softy” that I am regarding cats, I keep dry food out on my little patio. When this little calico rag-a-muffin showed up, she was so pitiful, freezing cold, and shivering. I brought her in the apt. checked her over, and immediately lost my heart to her. She was an absolute lovey, dovey baby with a purr that could almort deafen you. She had been flea-ridden (which might have been why some idiot shaved her down) so I gave her a bath and combed her throughly to remove any remaining critters. My kitty, Max, that I have put up a protest initially with hissing, spitting, and bushing out–the whole protective biz. Since the weekend Max has settled down and decided this calico must not be a threat after all.
    My calico was the ugliest cat I have ever seen so I annointed her with a name that she can eventually wear proudly–BELLA, which means beautiful.

  • Margaret Mezzacapo

    Frankie the cat is coming home on December 11th! She was the beloved pet of an elderly woman who had to go to a nursing home last year. The family turned her in to the local vet’s office, who kept her for a while but could not do so indefinitely. Just at the point that the end was near, a match was made. YAY!!! A home for Christmas!!!

  • Kerstin Stempel

    One warm evening in May after dinner my husband and I decided to bring the dog for a ride for an ice cream. On the way home we decided to take a ride in the woods around our home, we took a drive down a dirt road were some of our friends had built a house, as we enjoyed the rest of our ice cream cones I yelled to my husband to stop, out of the corner of my eye I saw a small grey tiger kitten crouched in the dirt looking so scared, I jumped out and picked her up and brought her in the truck. We took her home and cleaned her up, and fell madly in love with her, we named her Orbit we figured she was about eight weeks old. She fit in very well with several other cats we had taken in that had also had their own sad start in life, she loved our dog Chesney who was also a rescue dog form a shelter, Orbit had a sweet self assured manner about her, wise beyond her age we could see .
    Things were going quite well then a little over a month later my husband called me at work to say three very young kittens were in a generator where he worked and if he didn’t try to save them they were going to turn on the generator and they would surely be killed. I was frantic and he managed to grab all three with some help for another worker before they started it up. We decided to try the local shelter to see if they could take them that night, and when we arrived they told me they were swamped with cats and could not take them, after they looked them over they told me they were about 4 weeks old and the only option was for us to foster them until they had room. My thoughts were how can I care for 3 more mouths to feed etc., and the feeding them every 4 hours was going to be a lot of extra work on top of all our other pets. We went home with them that night and brought them to one of the extra bedrooms to get them settled in the dogs crate she use to use. They were born outside and never had people contact before and were only 2lbs each. We did a feeding for all three with little trouble to our surprise, and it just became easier with each time we tried to handle them. I kept telling myself it’s only for a few weeks and then things will be back to normal.
    After a few days we moved them to the dinning room so they could see the other cat’s through the french doors and become more comfortable with other pets. Orbit was very curios with the small kittens and wanted very much to be with them. One day Orbit snuck in the dinning room and took to them like they were her litter. We were so touched the way they followed the small grey kitten like a foster mother and they really started to come out of there shell, we decided to give them names. Two were calico white and orange girls we named Wink, for the patch of tan around her eye, and Ambrosia, after the multi color jello salad we use to eat as kids. The runt was a small black and
    white boy we named Sable, his coat was so soft. Orbit taught them how to use the litter box with great ease, and thanks to your wonderful litter they had no trouble. We now had another part to our family to make it whole. We have many cats and have tried many many different litters, this is by far the easiest one to clean and last much longer than any other we have tried. Even though it is not inexpensive it out lasts any we have tried so many it is a money saver for us. Happy Holidays, and hope our tree is still standing when we get home tonight.

  • We adopted two new kitties last month. We also are in the process of changing from crystal litter to The World’s Best Litter. I have two boxes out – one with World’s Best and one with the crystals. So far so good. The cats use both boxes. The crystals will be getting pitched this weekend and replaced with a second litter box of World’s Best.

  • Candace

    I have recently been helping out the shelter I work at with fostering kittens that need socializing before being placed for adoption. Last week a volunteer brought in this little buff tiger kitten he found outside in his neighborhood. The kitten was all skin and bones, filthy and definitely sick. I decided to take him home for a few days to clean him up and help nurse him back to health. The first day I had the little guy home I fell in love. He would follow me everywhere and wouldn’t sleep unless he was in my lap during the day. As the days passed and his strength and energy grew, he has been marching around like he owns the place and still comes running to me whenever its nap time. Last Saturday I officially adopted Iggy and welcomed him into the family (joining my boyfriend’s cat and our 3 rats). Iggy knew I needed a new furry companion since I recently lost my cat Princess of 17yrs in September and he is filling that void and stealing everyone’s heart!

  • Kim Miller

    We adopted “Harley” about 2 yrs ago. Hes a big fluffy Maine Coon. Who thinks hes a dog! He begs when we are eating especially chicken! He loves to sleep all day and go out all night. What a party animal!. Hes been fixed so Im not too sure what his obsession is with going out at night . But I would love to win this because we have 3 other cats and its getting hard to care for them in this economy, work has slowed down for my hubby. Plus we have 4 dogs, can you tell we love our animals!! 🙂