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Ready … Aim … Target! World’s Best Cat Litter™ Hits Target and Your Chance to Win Big! [CONTEST CLOSED]

Great news! Look for World’s Best Cat Litter™ to be hitting the shelves at most Target stores nationwide, in addition to current availability at PETCO, PetSmart and many leading grocery and pet stores throughout the United States!

And for a limited time, 8-Lb bags sold in Target will have an instantly redeemable $3.00 coupon. But wait, there’s more: if you help spread the word you can win BIG!

Three winners will receive all of the prizes shown below:

Here’s how to enter! We will draw one randomly selected winner from each of the three entry opportunities provided below—feel free to enter all three to increase your chances! All entries must be submitted no later than November 22, 2010 to qualify! CLOSED

Follow us on Twitter and Tweet that World’s Best Cat Litter™ is now being sold at Target!

Share a picture of your experience buying World’s Best Cat Litter™ at Target whether in the store, parking lot or in the comfort of your home. Just show something that demonstrates you bought your World’s Best Cat Litter™ at Target and you will qualify!

  • Entries can be shared on twitter by including @bestcatlitter and picture in your tweet
  • You can email submissions to

Leave a comment on this blog telling us where you can purchase World’s Best Cat Litter™ at a Target near you! Need some help, try using our store locator!

Ok everyone, we wish you the best of luck and hope you can enjoy purchasing World’s Best Cat Litter™ at a Target near you!


–World’s Best Cat Litter™

*1 year supply includes:
12 7lb. bags of either the Clumping Formula or Multiple Cat Clumping Formula.
The contest period runs from 11/2 – 11/22 and winners will be randomly selected on 11/23.
We will contact all winners on 11/23 and require a non PO Box mailing address be provided within 5 business days.

  • get yours at Target Livermore, Ca

  • D Kenney

    Find the World’s Best Cat Litter at Target in California, MD!

  • vbrazo

    my cats love World’s Best cat litter I got at at Target in Boynton Beach, FL

  • Debbee

    We are going to purchase ours at the Target in Rockaway NJ. We are HUGE fans of this product and have been since my Japanese Bobtails came to me three years ago.
    We love that there is no purrrrfumy odors and its 100% natural, it clumps up really great for litterbox clean ups.
    Theres no other best, than Worlds Best in our book !

  • Sharon

    I went to the Target in Rockaway, NJ but there was no Worlds Best Cat Litter to be found! Not even a sign with an empty shelf! I do think its the best available so I will check back again! I like that there’s no clay dust (which is really not good for cats or humans!!!). Thanks!

  • Amanda

    I’m going tonight to Target in Tinley Park, Il to get some World’s Best!

  • Judy

    I have a young male kitty who loves to rip the heck out of the liner in his box which of course, makes one heck of a mess. I tried WBCL and wonder of wonders….he doesn’t tear up the liner as with the old litter. No odor either which is very nice. I ran out and bought a couple more bags from Target in Rockford IL because this will now be the only litter I buy!


    Target in Paso Robles helped me load up my 10 bags of Worlds Best Cat Litter. (only 10 because thats all they had left) Will go back next week to see if the new stock has come in

  • Rachel S.

    I’m always shopping at my Target in Athens, GA and now I can get World’s best there, too!

  • Joy Panetta

    i am very excited that Target will be hosting Worlds Best. My husband is on his way as I type to get some for my two finicky felines.

  • Laura

    I’m going to check it out at the Target in Mission, KS!

  • Tiffany J.

    Check out Wild Oats, Hy-Vee, Target or PetsMart in Mission, KS for all your World’s Best needs!

  • Mary Miller-Cordova

    I’m going to the Target in Jacksonville, FL for this spectacular cat litter!!!! Love it!

  • pam griffen

    You can find Worlds Best Cat Litter at Target in Norfolk , va. On military hwy.! Its the best works wonders.!

  • Jaynzee Tor

    Glad to hear I can buy the Worlds Best Cat Litter at the Hutchinson, MN Target store, it’s my favorite store! Thank-you! Jaynzee

  • jansfunnyfarm

    Unfortunately, there is no Target store” near” us. The closest Target store is in Macon. 🙁

  • Artemisia, Fenris, Socks & Scylla

    The Mom goes to the Target in D’Iberville at The Promenade to get the Worlds Best Cat Litter.

    Thanks for hosting this pawsome contest.

  • Lorraine Clayton

    Just went to Target in San Diego today, Nov. 13. This store is in Mira Mesa. They did not have World’s Best and when I asked someone there to look it up, they couldn’t find any info that your product is even in their computer system.

    Is the Mira Mesa Target store going to carry your product. If not, where in San Diego county can i go?


  • Donna k

    I can get it at Target in Evansville, IN.

  • Ellen K

    The Target in Salem or Danvers MA

  • Looking forward to buying World’s best cat litter at
    3702 Ranch Rd 620 S
    Bee Cave, TX 78738

  • Marica T

    Going to check out our local Target in Marana, AZ this week to see if they’ve started stocking it yet.

  • Shelley

    I can now buy it at the Target on 2920 in Tomball, TX. Thanks

  • Cathy S

    The Target in Bridgeton, MO

  • Liz

    I find it at my Target in Lafayette, IN! Love it! 🙂

  • We go across town to SuperTarget at 4522 Fredricksburg Rd Balcones Heights, TX . Walmart is closer but we don’t like it =p

  • beccity98

    World’s best Cat Litter can be bought at 2 Target stores in Riverside, CA- on Arlington and the 91, or on Tyler across from the Galleria!

  • Sugar

    My mama can buy World’s best Cat Litter at Target in Norco, CA on Hamner Ave!!

  • In Wichita, I can get World’s Best at Target by Towne East and SuperTarget on 21st at Greenwich. Yay!!!

  • Jen

    My closest Target carrying World’s Best is:
    879 Blossom Hill Rd
    San Jose, CA!

  • tweeted @EllisFan14

  • Anne Bissonnette

    I can’t wait to be able to get this at my Target in Sugar Land, TX. So far, they haven’t had it…..but have been buying it for years at PetsMart. It is the best litter around–no contest. My cat loves it…it clumps great and it is flushable!!!!!

  • Leah

    Can’t wait to buy World’s Best Cat Litter at Target in Tacoma, WA. I’ve checked the shelves 3 times, but it’s not there yet.

  • iokijo

    The closest Target to me is on the Mall road.. Louisville KY.
    So if I’m that way it will be easy to stop.. if I can’t get to that area I’m still covered by Kroger.. So there’s no problem of running short.

  • Sarah Shah

    I wanted to buy the World’s Best Cat Litter at a Target in New Britain, CT, but they were already out when I got there ! Please tell them to stock up on more bags !! Thanks ! 🙂

  • Cindy Abernathy

    I bought mine at the Ft. Union Super Target at 7025 Park Centre Dr in
    Salt Lake City, UT 84121. Great price there!

  • Donna Marshall

    World’s Best Cat Litter can be bought at the Target on Venture Drive in Duluth, Georgia. See ya there!

  • Jodi

    Has anyone in Phoenix/Glendale/Peoria AZ found this in a Target store?

  • Maureen

    Will be buying World’s Best Cat Litter @ Target in Lakewood, WA. It truly is the world’s best cat litter!

  • Charlie

    Find World’s Best at Target in Federal Way,WA!

  • kelley

    Finally, was able to purchase the last two bags of “Worlds Best Cat Litter” at the Target Store on Mt Nebo Road in Pittsburgh. I love this cat litter. It was a god send when my cat had surgery and my other cat was near the end. Everyone should try this product at least once. The fact that it flushes is just a bonus.

  • Thiason C Wilson

    The miraculous, awesomest, bestest….Worlds Best Cat Litter!!!!
    At a Target store near you! -Or in my case Medford, Oregon!
    This stuff is the best cat litter I’ve ever used!

  • Heather

    Buy Worlds Best Cat Litter at Target in Minnetonka, MN.
    It’s so nice to be able to buy it at a store I go to regularly anyways, no more special trips to the pet store!

  • Kim Miller

    Buy Worlds Best Cat Litter at Alamo Ranch San Antonio,Tx They even had the $3.00 off coupons on the bags!! Score!

  • c. McDonough

    In Worcester (MA) the Target store is in the Lincoln Street mall (right next to the big box home improvement store)

  • Antoinette

    Heading to Target in Federal Way, WA for World’s Best.

  • Virginia

    At the Target on Reserve Street in Missoula, Mt.

  • FRAN

    Target’ Bonita Springs, FL…….. is the winner of pet dept. Buy Worlds Best Cat Litter at Target its the BOMB!…more like bomb be gone in my house w/ multiple cats. No mo’ smells. Yay

  • Kira

    Bought a bag at the Target in Tallahassees, FL. Located on Bradfordville Rd. in North Tally! Used the $3 coupon…very proud of myself! 😉

  • Cari

    Looking forward to buying the next bag of this litter from Target in Clarksville, TN.

  • Christina Eckhart

    Find the World’s Best Cat Litter at Target in North Wales, PA!

  • Loretta Holland

    I buy at Target in Capital Plaza in Austin, Texas!

  • Marilee Morin

    I get WorldsBest at Petsmart in Walker, Michigan. I love that it is dust free.!!

  • My boyfriend likes to go to Target in Plymouth Meeting, PA to get dog treats…now I will check for cat litter there, too!

  • Christy H.

    Find World’s Best Cat Litter (it literally is!!) at Target
    3101 Jefferson Davis Hwy
    Alexandria, VA 22305

  • Lynda McCann

    The World’s Best Cat Litter may be found at Target, 3031 Route 50, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866, (518) 226-0003

  • Target Knightdale! Hwy 64 Business.

    The one at Triangle Towne Center is still clueless. : (

  • Janice

    People are so happy that the Target in Lake Elsinore is carrying World’s Best Cat Litter that it’s flying off their shelves

  • Keltia

    I bought the last bag at Target in Cincinnati, OH! Hope they have more now! This is the BEST cat litter!

  • Jamie

    You can get World’s Best Cat Litter at the Target in Reynoldsburg, Ohio!

  • Bought our first bag of World’s Best at Target Miller Rd. Flint,Mi..Can’t wait to try it 🙂

  • Deanne G

    I’m hoping my Target in Lexington, SC has it already! WIth 4 cats, it’s the ONLY litter to use and they LOVE it!! Thanks!

  • HollyAnne Dustin

    My eight cats love world’s best – wouldn’t use anything else. We shop at the Biddeford Maine Target

  • Bonnie C

    Bought my first bag of Wordl’s Best at Target on Route 31 in Clay, NY the other day. My cats prefer World’s Best. They have discerning taste in litter.

  • Jo

    World’s Best Cat Litter can easily be found in the Madison, Wisconsin area Target stores! LOVE the product and my =^..^=’s do too!

  • Linda

    The only thing my kitties have ever used is World’s Best and they love it! I get mine at the Target in Stamford, CT.

  • Karen S

    Five cat home…cannot imagine what we’d do without World’s Best! So glad it’s at our Target stores in Rosenberg and Sugar Land, TX.

  • Cheryl S

    I buy World’s Best Cat Litter at my local Target in Green Twp. Ohio. Got a great deal on it with the $3.00 off coupon! My cat loves it, and so does my family. It’s a low odor litter that also is pretty low on dust residue!

  • Pat P

    Worlds Best Cat Litter at Target in Stoughton, Massachusetts. Have 5 cats and they are loving it.

  • flutter

    Get yours at the Target in the Prado Shopping Center in Sandy Springs, GA!

  • rhamesses

    WBC @ the Tarzhay in Matthews, NC – that inital tweet came in handy when we ran out last week!!!

  • Jackie Besoyan

    So happy … I can now get the World’s Best Cat Litter at my local Target on Coleman Avenue in San Jose, CA … Woo Hoo!!!!!!!!!

  • Sinatra4ever

    If your in my neck of the woods you can find World Best Cat Litter at the Target on Roosevelt Blvd in Philadelphia, PA.

  • Bethany Hall

    You can get it at Target in Taylors, SC! I know I will be!

  • Michelle

    Get your WBCL at Target on Northlake Blvd, Palm Beach Gardens, FL. It’s the best!!

  • Liorah Golomb

    In Norman OK at Robinson and 24th. Hurrah!

  • Sharon

    ~~ West Melbourne Florida on New Haven !!That is where I go!!!

  • Debbie

    The TARGET off Federal Highway, love shopping there and picking up WBCL

  • Julie

    The Target at Dallas N. Tollway and Park – DOES NOT carry my favorite brand of cat litter, WBCL 🙁
    Guess I’ll have to go to another Target to find it….

  • Mary C

    You can find the World’s Best Kitty Litter at Target in Wareham, MA.

  • Sherry K

    Get this great product at the Woodinville, WA Target strore !!!

  • Looking forward to seeing this litter at our Target in
    south Portland, Maine!

  • martha

    I wish I could buy World’s Best Cat Litter at a Target in Philadelphia, PA but none are on your map so I’ll have to keep ordering it from Pet Food Direct.

  • kathy

    I am so glad that I could buy your litter at my Target in Oklahoma CIty. The 3 dollar coupon is a bonus.

  • Jen Tennant

    I am going to get mine tomorrow at the Snellville, GA Target store!! My kitties love this stuff…and it’s so easy to clean 🙂

  • Linda Jeffrey

    At the Stellhorn Road Target in Fort Wayne, IN. Yay Target, and Yay WBCL!

  • Lisa Masters

    Target in North Olmsted, OH!! LOVE that it doesn’t stick to the walls of the litter box!

  • Tina Iordanidis

    World’s Best Cat Litter @ Target in Watertown, MA! This is going to be so much more convenient! LOVE to both WBCL and Target!

  • Angela S

    So happy I can buy WBCL at the Target in Fridley, Minnesota!

  • Christine Kelley

    Both Target stores near me carry World’s Best Cat Litter – Hollywood and Pembroke Pines, FL!! 🙂

  • Glynis Maruk

    Target on Charlotte Pike in Nashville TN!

  • kellie wilson

    I buy mine at the Target in Hamburg Pavilion in Lexington, Kentucky! 🙂

  • kellie wilson


  • Julie Piontkowski

    I have two convient Targets to purchase my World’s Best Cat Litter – I can go to Target Scottsdale at Pima/101 or Target Tempe Margetplace at McClintock/Rio Salado Pkway. Not only is the litter convient to use but it is convient to purchase. Thanks World’s Best !!

  • Clare Bai

    Target at Goldenrod Rd, Winter Park, FL

  • Susan C

    Without a doubt this is the best litter we ever used for our cats and we’ve tried everything, Worlds Best is the BEST !
    I have to check out Target in the Palisades Mall in NY State, I usually get it at PetGoods in Paramus NJ.

  • Irene Hansen

    I love World’s Best Cat Litter. Smells so nice and keeps the “catty” odors to a minimum!

  • Kristin George

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE World’s Best Cat Litter! It’s amazing because it’s flushable and doesn’t smell! I get mine at Target in Grafton, WI.

  • Syn Wood

    I have to drive to Target in Ventura, California, for my World’s Best Cat Litter. It’s worth the drive because this litter really is the best!

  • Alan DeHaan

    The SuperTarget on 116th Street in Fishers, Indiana, (Primarily because it’s right next to a wonderful Smoothie place. Mmm)