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The five claw discount—How to ensure a smooth World’s Best Cat Litter™ rebate process.

If you haven’t heard by now, we have made available a FREE REBATE OFFER on purchases of World’s Best Cat Litter™. While we hope as many first-time buyers take advantage of this offer as possible, we would like to point out several requirements to help ensure your rebate is ultimately fulfilled. If you follow these requirements you should have some fur-ree World’s Best Cat Litter™ in your future!

  • The rebate is valid on a 7- or 8 – pound of World’s Best Cat Litter™ only.  No other bag sizes apply for this rebate.
  • A consumer has 60 days, from the date of purchase, to redeem the rebate. The original receipt submitted with the rebate, must be within that 60 day window in order to be redeemed.
  • All receipts submitted must include a date
  • This offer is valid in the US only (we are working to include our Canadian customers)

All of these rules are stated on the redemption form, so we hope you have a chance to review the form before purchasing and submitting your request form.  We’d love to reimburse each person on their first-time purchase of a 7- or 8-pound bag of World’s Best Cat Litter™, we just ask that you follow the guidelines included on the rebate submission form.

Thanks for your cooperation,
–World’s Best Cat Litter™

  • catherine

    Is there a coupon I need for this offer?

  • World’s Best Cat Litter

    Hi Catherine,

    You will need to fill out some information and print a rebate form. You can click the images of the two bags in the post above or access the page by going here, . Thank you!

  • If you can read and follow simple directions, you will have no problem. I did, and received my rebate check within about three weeks. Now I’m a confirmed World’s Best Cat Litter user! I love the fact that it’s an environmentally friendly product. I used to use a name brand wheat-based product, which I liked a lot, but after trying WBCL, I find that I like it even more. It does what it claims it will do. Truth in advertising; what a concept!

  • Kathleen

    Crap. I’ve been saving my proofs of purchase bar codes and have a pile of them. I wasn’t aware of the 60 day time frame, nor the fact that I had to have a receipt. It takes me longer than that to go through a bag of this stuff.

  • fran callaway

    I would love to try your Cat Litter. I filled out the info, but I do not have a printer for the rebate. Is there anyway this coupon can be mailed to me ? Thanks, I have 3 cats that would love to try your product .

  • Karson

    The form in your link got Canadian provinces.. does that mean it applies to Canadian customers now?


  • World’s Best Cat Litter

    Hi Kathleen,

    First and foremost, thanks for your support and for being a loyal customer. Since you collected all the UPC’s and weren’t aware of the time frame we can go ahead and send you some coupons. Can you provide us your address by writing to ? Thank you!

  • World’s Best Cat Litter

    Hey Fran,

    We can definitely do that. Can you please provide your address by writing to us at ? Thank you!

  • World’s Best Cat Litter

    Hey Karson,

    Currently the rebate program isn’t available to Canadian customers. We apologize for including Canadian provinces in the form that you mentioned. We will work on fixing that ASAP. Since you got in touch and pointed this out please feel free to provide your address by writing to Thank you!

  • Amanda

    Just wondering if this rebate is available for Canadian customers yet? We really want to try this product!

  • World’s Best Cat Litter

    Hi Amanda!

    Thanks for getting in touch. We are still working on it 🙂 Appreciate your patience and we hope to extend some cost-saving opportunities to our Canadian customers in 2011.

  • Sue

    would like to know if you offer your original rebate program anymore, the one where you save up upcs and send them in when you have enough to get coupons in the mail…

  • Stephanie

    Is this the same rebate that was offered when you first discontinued the UPC program that I SO loved and used a lot for 3 cats?? If its different, can I send in for a second rebate?