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Win Big! Enter The World’s Best Cat Litter™ Craziest Cat-ption Contest! Ends 08/25

This month at World’s Best Cat Litter™, a little bubble formed over our heads with the thought of doing a fun contest! When weighing all the options, we thought, what is better than putting a cat into caption? Better yet, how about letting our customers, friends and fans write the caption for a chance to win a prize?

So, now is your chance to win a purr-ize package from World’s Best Cat Litter™! All we ask is that you submit a caption for the image above by either submitting a comment on this post or @mentioning our @bestcatlitter profile on Twitter with the word “cat-ption” followed by your entry. You can also submit your caption by using the handy tweet this button we added below!

Once you provide a caption you will automatically be entered for a chance to win one of three purr-ize packages below!

#1 The Cat’s Meow Cat-ption!
Prize: 34lb. bag, litter mat and T-Shirt!

#2 The Pur-fect Cat Cat-ption
Prize: 17lb. bag and litter mat!

#3 The Cool Cat’s Cat-ption
Prize: 7lb. bag!

Ok, the contest ends on 08/25, so do some thinking and send us your cattiest remarks!

Best of Luck,
–World’s Best Cat Litter™

  • billie

    I said high five, not one!

  • Linda

    “Don’t you point that thing at me!”

  • cory

    Hey, Don’t you point at me! I’m the boss!!!

  • Azar ATTURA

    Well.. he SAID “Knock it off!” so I guess i will !! Here goes….!

  • Catty Candace

    Paws up to the Worlds Best cat litter

    No, you do your business in that clay!

    We are at a Stand Off. I can not use this mediocre cat litter anymore, Must Buy The Worlds Best cat Litter!

  • Janina Bognar

    On my honor I will try to not climb the curtains, or scratch on furniture, but give you lots of love and rubs. I promise!

  • Audrey Goodwin

    I solemnly swear, since we started using the World’s Best Kitty Litter, NO more accidents and blaming them on the dog,

  • marie arnold

    Don’t point that finger at me!

  • Dawn

    I said high paw. Grownups just don’t listen.

  • Maria Cipriano

    “Please Miss, may I be excused to use my litter box? It’s just been filled with World’s Best and I got to go!”

  • tina

    Aww c’mon man, don’t leave me hangin’. I thought we were cool!

  • Mitchell Osika

    All Right!! High Paw for getting me the right cat litter!!!

  • Jeanne Hall

    Keep pointing that thing at me and I’ll rip it off, chew it up and spit it into next week!

  • Melissa Podolak

    I solemnly do swear that “The World’s Best Cat Litter” is the world’s best cat litter!

  • “I solemnly do swear that “The World’s Best Cat Litter” is the world’s best cat litter!”

  • Tricia

    Bad human! You know I only use World’s Best Cat Litter. Off to the store with you for a new bag.

  • Laura Crane

    I barfed on the tile instead of the carpet, give me a high five!!!

  • Marcdavid

    My Sharp Nails, Your Soft Finger.
    Who do you think’s going to win?

  • Daniel Conti

    Um . . . that would be my fault. But if you want me to use the litter box you better use World’s Best Cat Litter from now on.

  • Anna Costa

    You point me a finger and i point you my full paw!

  • Elaine Volker

    pull the handle and flush it away

  • Tracy H

    Don’t point that thing at me! I told YOU it really is THE WORLD’S BEST CAT LITTER.

  • karen hart

    I promise…to use my litter box faithfully, and to the best of my ability ..

  • Dave Tuttle

    On my honor, I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. THE DOG DID IT!

  • Joan Tuttle

    I need to be excused. Where is the litter box, please?

  • Tina Martin

    I didn’t do it ……really … I swear

  • Donna Schwender

    Hey dude – if you can’t stand the smell, buy me some of the World’s Best Cat Litter!

  • Veronica Snyder

    Why are you pointing at me? I didn’t do it! I’ll raise my right paw and swear to it!

  • Leona Amerman

    I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth!

  • Jen

    And Dog said…

  • Karen Bacigalupo

    I promise to only use World’s Best…….

  • MaryAnn

    Ok it was me that went online and ordered 3 bags of World’s Best Cat Litter. I’m tired of that other stuff you keep making us use. Can we keep it please????

  • LissaL

    Don’t point at me! everything was purr-fect until you forgot to bring home the World’s Best Cat Litter!

  • Kim McNelis


    “Blah Blah Bad Kitty Blah Blah”

  • lisa flippin

    i haz sharp points that will match that ! silly hooman

  • Brooke

    I solemnly swear what I am about to tell you about the missing bag of treats is mostly true. Names have been changed to protect the guilty.

  • william kinnen

    pweez can a haz one

  • cathy engel

    Ok, who all wants anchovies on their pizza, one,…

  • THAT’S your point of view, and this is mine!

  • Nadine Clarke

    Repeat these words after me kitty…

    I promise…I promise that I will always listen to you …

    Caption from the cat says: I am only promising her this so I can hurry up and have my food and wrap around my little finger. She won’t able to resist me when I look innocent at her and purrrrr..

  • Jena

    why u point at me? i like u finger!

  • Jena

    u point one finger…what part of high-FIVE don’t u get?

  • Teresa Bracy

    Thats Right…Give me 5 in the air! No more litterbox odor with Worlds Best Cat Litter!

  • Amy E Phillips

    I promise, Ma, the lamp looked like that when I walked in the room.

  • Jena

    What up? show me some love

  • JK Canepa

    “The Creation of Cat” (from Michelangelo’s The Creation of Adam)

  • JK Canepa

    “I swear it wasn’t me who broke that lamp, honest.”

  • Nancy

    High paw my man! Gimme five.

  • Barb Osborne


    ” I swear, wasn’t me that ate the dogs food!”

  • Jena

    What u say?…no no i’m u best friend…AWW u my best friend too!

  • Constance Miller

    NO thinking outside the box!!

  • sharon Collette

    No ! you listen i said i want “the worlds best litter ! not that clay stuff “

  • reddart

    “Don’t shoot ! I give up. I scattered the WBCL on the floor” !!

  • Kathleen Lapinski

    Guilty as charged! I did it, I did it!

  • VeraMae Volk

    Best Buds forever!

  • VeraMae Volk

    So please, please, please
    Let me, let me, let me
    Let me get what I want
    This time … World’s Best Cat Litter!!!

  • Elaina

    Bad hooman! It’s not polite to point!

  • Lynn Thompson

    I’ll see your finger and raise you a paw!

  • Cheryl Moring

    I”m innocent, the dog did it…….

  • Peter Steinheuser

    “Read between the claws, pal.”

  • Peter Steinheuser

    “I’m #1 for using the litter box? No, you’re the one for getting me the World’s Best Cat Litter.”

  • Talk to the paw.

  • Tina Weisman

    “It wasn’t me…I use Word’s Best Cat Litter!”

  • Lina

    Honest! I wasn’t thinking outside the box! Not with The World’s Best Litter inside it….

  • Yes, you caught me again, sneaking into the Worlds Best Cat Litter. I admit it. I can’t stay away. I go in, I go out. I go in, I go out. It just makes me happy to be in it, doing my cat business and leaving happy. Even my owners are amazed at how quickly it absorbs the smell and how easy to use. I luv my Worlds Best Cat Litter…meow

  • Jennifer Smith

    “what’s up!”

  • Jeanne

    Thanks for pointing the way to World’s Best Litter!

  • Guilty as charged, I stink. You should buy World’s Best Cat Litter next time! It’s not my fault.


  • Look, I swear my paws are clean, I use World’s Best Cat Litter! Meow

  • Jeanne S.

    A *High Five* for the World’s Best Cat Litter!

  • Jeanne S.

    Worlds Best Cat Litter is #1 and Quite frankly I wouldn’t use anything else,

  • Anne Bierworth

    “I swear to remain the cutest kitty ever and to always use my WBCL and that I have the best Mommy ever because she loves me and gives me the best in life!!”

  • TJ Clawges

    That smell is NOT me… I covered mine with the WORLD’s BEST CAT LITTER!!

  • Louie Gedo

    Pew! Don’t you humans use World’s Best Cat Litter in your own litter boxes?

  • Inge Gedo

    Pew, get that away! I can tell your hand’s been changing a pan that doesn’t have World’s Best in it.

  • Louis Gedo

    Ew! Don’t you humans use World’s Best Cat Litter in your own litter boxes?

  • Debbie Walter

    Hi Five to World’s Best Cat Litter!! It is the World’s Best!.

  • Heidi Schlatter

    I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth…….I tell ya – I’m innocent!

  • Theo

    “I pledge allegiance to the WORLD’S BEST CAT LITTER, and to the united cats of the world…and to the community for which it stands, one community, indivisible, with liberty and peace of mind, FOR ALL.”

  • Lisa Grassetti

    Hmmm I said this on 8/14 @bestcatlitter I swear to tell the whole truth, nothing but the truth I won’t use anything other than The World’s Best Cat Litter #cat-ption

  • Theresa Bollinger

    I solemnly swear on my World’s Best Cat Litter, I did NOT go on the carpet!

  • Theresa Bollinger

    That really is the World’s Best Cat Litter! Can I get a witness?

  • Lisa Grassetti

    I also said @bestcatlitter I swear to tell the whole truth, nothing but the truth I won’t use anything other than The World’s Best Cat Litter #cat-ption before 8/14 Just took a long time to get to this tweet in my timeline so this is what i posted lol

  • Joseph Chiapperini

    I think I’ll call you ADAM….Now go scoop out by litter box, and if you do a good job, I’ll create EVE.

  • Cheryl Mayo

    Pick me, pick me, please! I know the answer: it’s the
    World’s Best Cat Litter to the rescue.

  • dorlis

    Harley says, “What is it? Can I eat it?

  • dorlis

    Annie and Casey say,”I do not take orders, I give them”

  • dorlis

    Dee says, ” Hey, does that mean you want to play?”

  • Joan Lisy-Echols

    CAT-PTION~~”Let’s play PAWS ! Mine stay fresh with WBCL.~I win !”

  • Suellen Johnson

    I solemly swear that i love you the most, well, next to the worlds best cat litter!

  • “I swear, I didn’t knock over that plant, I think the dog did it!”

  • Erica

    “Sir, Yes sir!

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  • Tiffany

    “Paw to God, I swear it wasn’t me!”

  • Todd

    Don’t taze me bro…..