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We Tawt We Taw a Puddy Tat—a Salute to Cartoon Cats

Thirty-two years ago this past June, Garfield debuted in the comic strips. Today, Jim Davis’ creation is the world’s most syndicated* comic strip, proving that everyone loves a good dose of daily feline

These days, the newspapers feature a clowning clowder of cartoon cats—from leading characters such as Garfield, Heathcliff and Mooch (Mutts) to sensational supporting roles such as Nermal, Chubby Huggs (Get Fuzzy), Peekaboo (A Rose is a Rose) and Shtinky Puddin’ (Mutts).

And Heavens to Murgatroyd, we haven’t even mentioned the great cartoon cats of television and silver screen! Snagglepuss may be a pink mountain lion, but with the dapper collar and cuffs, we figure he’s pretty domesticated. But disqualifying the big cats like Snagglepuss, The Pink Panther and the stuffed tiger Hobbes, we wonder what funnies you fancy.

Here are 10 famous cartoon cats. Which one gets fans of World’s Best Cat Litter™ animated?

Did we leave out your favorite? Drop in with your suggestion—just not off a cliff, please.

M-m-m-me-me-meow for now, folks!
World’s Best Cat Litter™


  • misskimmm

    pussyfoot from the warner bros cartoons – she was typically paired with a HUGE guard dog (who’s name is escaping me at the moment – possibly “brutus” or “marc antony”? – something roman, i think). pussyfoot was a little tuxedo that would do the kneeding with the claws on the dogs’ back – and even tho the dog would express discomfort, he always let pussyfoot go for it – cuz the dog LUVED pussyfoot….. otherwise, i have to vote for mooch – YESH!

  • Deborah

    What about Felix? You know, Felix the Cat with his magic bag of tricks? I’ve been a fan of Felix for decades.

  • Maria Cipriano

    I was going to say Pussyfoot too but I didn’t know the kitten’s name! The dog’s name is definately Marc Anthony. It’s my favourite cartoon ever, especially when he thinks the poor kitten got baked into a cookie and he cries and cries. So funny! Love that troublesome little Pussyfoot!

  • Shirley

    Amazing post, truly!