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Help Give World’s Best Cat Litter™ to Cats in Need – Update, November Winners Have Been Picked!

Thanks to everyone for helping to spread the word about this effort! We have gotten so many great responses and suggestions over the past couple weeks! To all of you who have submitted a charity, rescue group or suggested a cat in need, we sincerely thank you and appreciate your participation.

So who are the recipients of litter this month?

  1. Beaufort Community Cat Project in Beaufort, NC
    Beaufort Community Cat Project was submitted by Dana of The Creek Cats. In her very own words:

    “The Beaufort Community Cat Project is an all-volunteer organization advocating non lethal methods to reduce the free-roaming cat population using Trap-Neuter-Return. This litter would be beneficial to the cats who must stay in post op crates after their spay/neuter surgeries.”

    Wow, sounds like they are doing an awesome job with this project and that having an all-natural litter will be very beneficial to them! Thanks so much for your submission Dana! We will send them some litter to help them along:)

  2. California Bengal Cat Rescue in Southern California
    Thanks for the nomination, crazykittykat1! This rescue group has over 40 Bengal cats up for adoption in the Southern California area. Due to the current volume of cats, the CA Bengal Rescue will not be taking in any more rescues until they get homes for some of the cats they already have.We hope that all of these great looking cats can find new homes. Until then, we are happy to help them out by providing some of our litter!

Remember, we will give away two more 34lb. bags to a charity, foundation or rescued group next month too so stay tuned for updates! Thanks again for all your help!

–Very Best,
World’s Best Cat Litter™

  • Anonymous

    The Beaufort Community Cat Project is very excited to have been chosen for the free bag of litter!

    Congratulations to California Bengal Cat Rescue as well!


  • Alexandra Niles

    I would like to recommend the Animal Care Council, 131 Washington Ave, Endicott, NY 13760, as they are a worthwhile charity. They take in stray cats and kittens and fix them up and try to help them find loving homes. They also offer a spay and neuter program at reduced rates which is very helpful for animal lovers in this economy. The care that they give the kitties while they have them is very loving and the environment is very homey. No little cages for these kitties, they have nice roomey pens with lots to do and friends to play with. In my opinion, this is one of the best animal rescue facility that I have ever seen and they should be commended.

  • Lori

    I would like to nominate "Precious Paws" for your litter give away. They have been in the rescue business for 1 year and rescue moms and newborn kittens. They are a no kill shelter located in Hamburg NY. I got my kittens from there and was so impressed that I have begun to volunteer there 6 hours weekly to help clean and maintain the "Fur People.". {This shelter is 30 miles from home)Since they are new to hamburg and are trying to have the best food I am sure they would welcome "the best litter" that I use at my own home. Thanks Lori Zaremski

  • Anonymous

    I would like to nominate the Atlanta Humane Society; they have taken in several hundred dogs from puppy mills over the last couple of years. They are known for the excellent care they provide these animals, and the adoptions are well advertised and wonderfully attended. They are very community oriented, they publish a wonderful magazine and they are excellent at community service. They took in several animals from Hurricane Katrina; I am proud to support them as they truly are here to serve the animals-protecting and helping.