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Help Give World’s Best Cat Litter™ to Cats in Need

Tell us what charity, foundation or rescue group you want us to donate to!

With the holidays rapidly approaching, we here at World’s Best Cat Litter™ realize there are a lot of cats in need during this special season. In the spirit of giving, our mission is to put some much-needed litter under the paws of cats around the country … with your help.

What do we need from you? Well, it’s quite simple—we want you to recommend a charity, foundation, rescue group or needy cat that could use some litter.

To participate, please leave a comment on this post and tell us why we you are recommending your choice. We will then draw two submissions, five days after each post, and send each a 34-lb bag of cat litter. And we’ll post the names of our winners—and the people who recommended them—in upcoming blogs!

This program only lasts for two more months, so what are you waiting for? Get out there and find some cats that need a little extra help this holiday season!

Very Best,
–World’s Best Cat Litter™

  • Hi, I would love to see Eric Schickendantz receive some cat litter for his rescued cats. He still has a number of the 101 Lakemore Ohio Rescue Cats in his garage recuperating from spay/neuter and being socialized so they can be adopted.

  • Anonymous

    Lost Dog and Cat rescue in Northen VA.
    Outstanding organization and works very hard to find forever homes for all their fur babies

  • Anonymous

    Hi! I would love to see WBCL donated to the Beaufort Community Cat Project. The BCCP is an all volunteer Trap-Neuter-Return organization that runs entirely on donations. This litter would be much safer than clay litters for the cats and kittens who must be confined to crates with litter boxes, after their spay/neuter surgeries.

  • We would love to see the Space Coast Feline Network receive some.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  • I would love it if The Bloomingdale Animal Shelter received a donation. I've witnessed first-hand how they go above-and-beyond for the critters in their care. They tirelessly work to place cats in good homes!

  • We would like to recommend Jan's Funny Farm. Jan is always helping out critters on the farm and around the blogosphere!!!

  • I would like to nominate the charity selected for the November #PawPawty on twitter, we always support great shelters and charities. And a big thank you to you guys for supporting the #Pawpawty events on twitter.

  • Jill

    I, too, would like it if The Bloomingdale Animal Shelter received a donation. They rescued my cat Boo after she was apparently abandoned.

  • I have 2: Jan's Funny Farm, seconding the Taylor Catsssss.
    The West Columbia Gorge Humane Society in Washougal, WA
    We are the local no-kill shelter and we are all volunteers. In addition to the shelter, we also have a large foster program.

  • I'd like to recommend One at a Time Pet Rescue. They take in everything but seem to get mostly cats.

  • Anonymous

    I recommend Melanie Ulicny to receive some free litter. Her whole life is rescuing cats and dogs in need. She definitely could use the help. Melanie has an allergy to clay litter which causes asthma attacks, so your litter is perfect!! Thank you

  • I would like to recommend One-At-A-Time Pet Rescue (Melanie Ulicny) to receive your free litter. Melanie has taken in many many cats and kittens and nursed them back to health at her own expense. Since she does this all on her own, she has to rely on donations and the help of others to help these cats and kittens … which isn't always easy to get. She would be the perfect and very deserving recipient of your litter.
    Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    Melanie Ulicny is by far "A cat's best friend!" She takes strays to the vet at her own expense, rescuse countless cats, and LOVES every one of them!!!

  • Anonymous

    Please consider Southeast Kansas Humane Society, Pittsburg, Kansas, a no-kill shelter for dogs and cats that shelters about 40 cats.

  • My personal recommendation is to of Los Angeles. A great group who has help hundreds and thousands of feral cats and kitties. They TNR program offers free usage of traps and training on trapping a feral for the neutering/spaying program also free. With the economy so bad we personally can't afford to pay for the service but is free to help keep the population down. PLUS Best Friends Catnippers Clinics has in office in their facility that help home numerous cats and kittens that come through's door.

    Plus World's Best Cat litter is the best I've used and I don't use anything else for my x-stray now house cat, my neutered feral loves it too. He sneaks in, uses my cat's litter box then leaves quickly not to get caught LOL.

  • Alina K.


    I believe my local shelter "Dogs and Cats Forever Inc." could use some cat litter. I volunteer helping with the cats for them. They are a great no-kill shelter, and would appreciate a gift like this.

    For more information heir phone number is (772) 489-5454.

    This is a great thing you are doing.

  • Anonymous

    I would like to recommend Melanie Ulicny. She is an independent rescuer and works with feral cats and feral kittens. She's involved with TNR and tames feral kittens to find them homes. She has asthma and cannot use regular clay litters so she buys Worlds Best Cat Litter. I know she goes through a lot of litter and it's a huge expense for her.

  • I would like to nominate Ocean County Cat Rescue in Bayville, New Jersey. She rescues cats, dogs, everything…she has a heart of gold, and only a teacher's meager salary. She is very deserving
    of any donations that she can get, and kitty litter would be a welcome donation for her.
    Thank you!
    Christy Kuppler

  • Sondi Moore

    I nominate Cats Rule Feline Rescue of Fairfax, Va. she has turned over her entire house and back yard to rescuing both feral and friendly cats with a no-kill policy. Currently she has 60 cats and with the upcoming kitten season; who knows how many will be added.

    I have seven "kids" of my own and give all my new clients a bag of Worlds Best Cat Litter. It's best for their cats and for me and my sitters.

    Sondi Moore
    AuPurr Feline Child Care

  • It's hard to pick anyone rescue, non-profit etc for all the kitties in the world.

    The best choice is lowering the price for us all for 2010 to help us all get through the economy and help prepare for The Season.

  • Anonymous

    Although I belong to several humane societies, I hope you select the Humane Society of Delaware County in Delaware, Ohio. They receive no money from the state, county or city and have a relatively small budget. They rescue, adopt out and provide anti-cruelty investigation for the entire county. I use the World's Best kitty litter, and the humane society should have the same opportunity!

  • Val

    I would love to see Web of Life Animal Outreach, Inc. in Chesapeake, VA get some litter. They are a no-kill shelter run completely by volunteers. Several kitties have been left on the porch, some even left ducted tape in a box or dropped off pregnant. With upwards of 80 cats/kittens litter is the most needed thing around! Thanks!

  • Myriam G.

    I particularly love to recommend FALA- (Forgotten Animals of L.A.) Toluca Lake, Ca. I have personally witnesssed the care and compassion they extend to each and every cat they rescue. It is all done by volunteers that do it for the right reason… Their love of Cats! I urge all my friends to send them donations instead of a Christmas or Birthday gift, as I am confident that every $ will go to help the animals. I hope they win so that they can spend what little they get from donations on the feed and veterinarian needs of the cats!
    Go Fala go!!!!

  • donnarupp1

    I would like to nominate the Teterboro animal shelter in Teterboro, NJ they really need help- they have so many pets that need good homes, and could use blankets, and food. Please help, they really need it.

  • we are choosing the HSUS they do so much across our nation to help protect animals and to find them loving homes. I have been a proud member of HSUS most of my adult life. We live in an agriculture area and your product can only benefit our land not harm it.

  • i am choosing HSUS i beleive in this foundation, without them our lost and abused animals would go without, and never find a loving home.I have supported the local and national humane societies my entire adult life.

  • Jade

    I would like to see a donation to go to the Utah Animal Adoption Center in Salt Lake City, UT. It’s a no-kill rescue that takes care of about 100 cats. They do what ever they can to find forever homes for all the animals and do everything they can to make them as happy as possible while they wait.