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  • I like World's Best Cat Litter™ because - in so many cases - customers are looking for a natural product that is safe for their pet and for the environment. And World's Best Cat Litter™ fits their needs in so many ways, sometimes even more than they were expecting. I have seen a very loyal following of this brand of cat litter.
    - Liz Thomas
  • World's Best Cat Litter™ is the best because it is corn-based and all natural. It is good for cats that may have allergies towards any chemical in other cat litters.
    - Jasmine Carmona
  • Perhaps the best thing about the whole cat box experience with World's Best Cat Litter™ is the absence of the whole dust cloud thing with other litters. People are amazed at the lack of dust tracking and hassle. They often say: "I wish I had known about this product years ago!"
    - Chip Sammons
  • We feel that World's Best Cat Litter™ is an important alternative to using other litters because it's not synthetic, has no perfumes or chemical additives and comes from an American-grown renewable resource. Customers are also excited to learn that - since the litter lasts so much longer than the same amount of clay litter - they are likely saving money.
    - Tresa Henderson
  • My biggest selling point has always been that the cat(s) will use it, and will continue to use it even when it is longer than it should be between scooping because of the excellent odor control and amazing clumping power.
    - Donna Cheetham
  • I have World's Best Cat Litter™ stocked on its own shelf in order to let customers know how good the litter is. It's always the first recommended litter to any customer.
    - Samia Rum
  • With pet health being our top priority, World's Best Cat Litter™ has been an excellent fit for the store.
    - Lauren Ball
  • When speaking to customers about the product, I make sure that I emphasize the odor control and the fact that it is more economical. Even though it may be more expensive initially, you will save money because you will use less litter in the long run!
    - Elaine Johnson
  • We are now 16 years into ownership of Pets To Go. We have watched the evolution and growth of World's Best Cat Litter™ over that time. With every new product launch (lavender, multi cat the current resizing and packaging), we find ourselves remembering our introduction to the product, and although the product choices have changed, the integrity and quality of the product has not.
    - Jeremy Epstein
  • I consider myself a World's Best Cat Litter fan. After working at Furever Pets for the last 8 years, I have had the opportunity to try many different kinds of cat litter. From clay to wheat, to soy, I tried so many. Now when customers ask me my opinion on the best litter we carry, I confidently say World's Best is my favorite.
    - Janet Takayama
  • No matter what "type" of cat owner, when they know they don't have to dump and clean the litter box as often (because of the quick clumping it doesn't stick to the sides and bottom of the litter box) and it fits all of their needs/wants they will love World's Best Cat Litter™!
    - Joan Hausleiter
  • Being green is very important to people in the great state of Oregon, and folks seem to like the fact that it is made from corn. We have many repeat customers.
    - William Stevenson
  • I appreciate that this litter is eco-friendly (and) made in the US of a renewable resource. Not only does it put the earth friendly part of me at ease, it's easy to scoop, my apartment does not smell like a litter box, and it fits my budget - a large bag lasts me over two months.
    - Vicky D.
  • It's the first natural clumping litter I recommend to all my customers.
    - Sed Hadi
World's Best Cat Litter™ is committed to simplifying the lives of pet parents everywhere, which is why we honor pet store associates who go above and beyond to guide customers to Hassle-Free Cat Care®. See what our award-winning experts had to say about World's Best Cat Litter™!


World's Best Cat Litter™ is the topic at hand,
Writing poetry about cat litter is not what I planned.
I first used the product in 1998,
And I never thought that cat litter could be so great!
I used it at home, and at the store,
Environmentally friendly, odor control,
, and more!
It has been my favorite throughout the years,
And its odor control really lessens my tears!
There are three great formulas for anyone to buy,
Original, Multi-cat, and Lavender ... oh my!,
Made from nature's purest of corn ...
World's Best Cat Litter™ is the best to be born!
With such a great product and
customer service galore,
Just give it a try, that is all I implore!
Scoop it, Flush it, and wave it goodbye,
I will stand by it 'til the day I die!
The price you pay is bang for your buck,
Discovering it is nothing but luck!
I am proud to sell it, and I am proud to say,
I filled my cat's box with World's Best
Cat Litter™ today!
Healthy Pet of West Linn
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  • One of the things many fans love about of World's Best Cat Litter™ is that our litter is pet, people and planet friendly. Read this review from the blog Darcy & Brian to see what they have to say about our all natural, whole-kernel corn litter!

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