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5 Fun Ways to Entertain Your Indoor Cat While You're at Work

How to Keep Your Indoor Cat Entertained

Life is good for indoor cats. Regular meals, comfy couches, protection from the elements—and no predators! But for a species that’s designed to roam and hunt, spending all day inside can be boring and stressful, especially when their favorite human is at work. Luckily, a little creative thinking yields plenty of fun ways to entertain your indoor cat while you’re away.

5 EASY Ways to Keep Your Indoor Cat Entertained

1. Plant Some Cat-Safe Greenery

Many cats love the smell and taste of grass and other greenery. Plant pots of wheatgrass, catnip, and other cat-safe flora on sunny windowsills and let your indoor cat munch away. Just be sure to steer clear of plants that are toxic to cats!

2. Do Feed the Wildlife

Nothing entertains an indoor cat like catching a glimpse of some real, live prey. Mount some bird and squirrel feeders outside your windows, and make sure your cat has a good bird-watching perch.

3. Turn on the Tube

Cats aren’t interested in daytime soap operas, but video footage of bugs, birds, and fish are sure to entertain your indoor cat while you’re at work. Pick up a cat DVD or screen saver for your computer—or take it to the next level and invest in one of these cool cat apps.

4. Think Inside the Box

If you’re dealing with a bored indoor cat, you probably already have plenty of toys around the house. Mix things up with common household items that meet your cat’s need to explore. Indoor cats can find endless entertainment in something as simple as an empty cardboard box, a paper bag, or these simple DIY toys.

5. Play “Hide and Treat”

Hide a few healthy treats around the house so your cat can “hunt” them down. Or, buy a treat-dispensing toy to entertain your cat. Finally, remember to provide plenty of playtime when you get home! A few minutes of quality interactive play, a few times a day, and a few treats will help your cat stay healthy and happy.

What are some fun ways you entertain your cat while away?

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