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How To Welcome Your Adopted Kitty Home

6 Tips to Help Your Cat Quickly Adjust to His New Life

Congratulations on the newest addition to your family!
Whether it’s your first or your seventh, it’s always a wonderful feeling to introduce a new kitty to your family. For your cat, however, the change isn’t always easy. The move comes with a slew of new and perplexing changes: new roommates, furniture, habits, smells, sounds, etc. To help facilitate your kitty’s transition into your living area (and to preserve his nerves), here are six tips to turn your home into theirs as quickly as possible:

Your first concern should be to make sure your house or apartment is ready for your cat’s arrival. Clean up the floors of anything that could be dangerous. Use common sense. If it’s something they shouldn’t eat or play with, remove it entirely from their path (e.g. medications, electrical cords, fragile objects etc.). Some plants can be toxic too. Educate yourself and make the appropriate changes.
Excited as your family will be to play and cuddle with your new best friend, remember to give him a little breathing room in the beginning. Animals are creatures of habit; even small changes in their daily routine can be disorienting. So when they first arrive, allow them to poke around and explore their new surroundings at their leisure. Some may even hide under a “safe place” like a bed or sofa. Give them room during the first few days while always keeping awatchful eye.
You’ve spent hours reading books, blog posts and magazine articles about the feline world. You’re so knowledgeable you could teach a course. Now only one question remains: is your family ready? Although we don’t recommend that you assign homework, make sure everyone in your household — especially children — understand how to behave around their new pet. For example, if you’ve chosen to raise an indoor cat, remind your kids to close doors and be extra vigilant around their new pet.
As you may soon find out, cats love to scratch. Common victims include couches, chairs, clothes, drapes, sometimes even wallpaper. They’re not doing it to be destructive, wreak havoc or anger you. Rather, it’s a way for them to mark their territory and communicate it to their family. To protect your furniture, get a nice scratching post and place it somewhere your kitty enjoys hanging out.
Yes, we’re a cat litter company, but we’re going to be honest with you: cleaning the litter box isn’t the best part about living with a cat. Still, to improve the overall experience, try and place the box in a low-traffic area where they can perform their business in private. When it comes to litter, most cats prefer one that clumps (and we think you will too). For more on the art of the litter box, don’t forget to check out our very own Dr. Melissa Brookshire’s litter box tip videos.
Even if you’re only somewhat familiar with cat behavior, you know that an “inferiority complex” isn’t a condition they suffer from. True to their divine origins, cats love to gaze over their kingdom from high above and concoct schemes of world domination. Of course, without a comfortable nest, that’s not going to be easy. So lend a helping paw and get your kitty a nice perch — they’ll thank you for it.

The easiest part of adopting a new cat is to shower them with love. Hopefully these other tips will help you and your cat make a smooth transition to being the best of friends.

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