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110 Ideas for A Cat Birthday Party

Who doesn’t want a reason to celebrate their cat? Birthdays are the perfect opportunity to let our feline friends be the center of attention and let our love for them loose.

If you’re like us, you’ll take any excuse to celebrate your cat, so we scoured the Internet for cute ideas for a cat’s birthday party. (Or a cat-themed party for a human, in case your cat isn’t the partying type.) Here are some of our favorites:

How to Throw an Ameowzing Party for Your Cat’s Birthday (or Yours!)

yarn ball cupcakes


What’s a party without sweet treats? Use red licorice rope to decorate your favorite cupcakes like edible yarn balls. (For human consumption only, of course!)

headband with bedazzled cat ears


Get everyone feeling feline – pick up some headbands and fabric or wire  and transform your human guests into cats for the day. For even more fun, give everyone a candy necklace and pretend they’re cat collars!

white cat jumping for fish pole toy


Want to hype the party up? A few fishing pole cat toys are sure to keep the crowd bouncing to the beat trying to catch their favorite toy!

orange cat sniffing speaker


Set the scene for a good time with a curated playlist full of classic cat themed music, with tunes from music legends like Survivor, Janet Jackson and Queen.

cat leaning towards cat food cake with candle


This easy cat-friendly recipe makes the perfect “birthday cake” for your furry friend—dress it up with heart-shaped pieces of ham to make it extra special.

chandelier with toy mice


Decorate the party space with toy mice and embroidery hoops. Bonus: this décor doubles as your cat’s newest obsession when the party’s over.

pusheen donuts


Your human party guests may not be great at catching mice—so make it easy for them by whipping up some of these adorable kitty cat doughnuts. Don’t forget the rainbow sprinkles!

alaphabet balloons spell "custom phrase here"


Prep your place for a photo op with alphabet balloons to spell out a fun phrase like “CATS ROCK” and a shiny backdrop on the wall. Set up a tripod and take portraits of everyone with their cats!

paper bags with cat faces on them


Send your guests home happy with some cat treats and some human treats packaged in paper bags decorated with construction paper cat faces.

10. Host it at a shelter or cat cafe

Imagine inviting all your besties to a birthday party surrounded by adorable (and adoptable) cats. Sounds purrfect. While not every shelter or cafe will let you host a party there, you could consider donations or volunteering some of your time in lieu of a big bash with presents.

And now for a big long list of some of the best out-of-the-box themes for a cat birthday party

100 Cat Birthday Party Themes

  • Purrfect Princess Party
  • Catnip Carnival Celebration
  • Meow-tastic Masquerade Ball
  • Kitty Olympics Extravaganza
  • Whisker Wonderland Winter Party
  • Feline Fiesta Fiesta
  • Paw-some Pirate Party
  • Cat Café Cuddlefest
  • Galactic Catventure in Space
  • Catnip Garden Tea Party
  • Jungle Safari Adventure
  • Enchanted Forest Feline Frolic
  • Kitty Couture Fashion Show
  • Cat-a-palooza Music Festival
  • Rainbow Kitty Spectacular
  • Under the Sea Cat Kingdom
  • Medieval Cat Castle Banquet
  • Hawaiian Luau Kitty Bash
  • Superhero Cat Crusade
  • Detective Cat Mystery Party
  • Mad Hatter’s Catnip Tea Party
  • Wild West Cat Roundup
  • Hollywood Glamour Pawty
  • Zen Cat Yoga Retreat
  • Circus Cat Circus Extravaganza
  • Cat Detective Noir Party
  • Arabian Nights Cat Sultan’s Feast
  • Wizarding World of Cats
  • Catnip Candyland Adventure
  • Rockstar Cat Rock Concert
  • Enchanted Unicorn Cat Fantasy
  • Prehistoric Cat Dino Safari
  • Cat in Wonderland Adventure
  • Space Explorer Cat Galaxy Quest
  • Royal Cat High Tea
  • Dia de los Gatos Fiesta
  • Viking Cat Raiding Party
  • Pirate Ship Cat Cruise
  • Parisian Cat Café Soirée
  • Artistic Cat Paint Party
  • Wizard Cat School of Magic
  • Cat Carnival Circus
  • Fairy Tale Feline Kingdom
  • Disco Cat Dance Party
  • Safari Cat Expedition
  • Cat Chef Cooking Class
  • Vintage Cat Garden Party
  • Rock ‘n Roll Cat Concert
  • Super Cat Hero Training Camp
  • Egyptian Cat Pharaoh’s Feast
  • Cat-themed Dance Party
  • Cat-themed Food Festival
  • Cat-themed Music Jam Session
  • Catnip Casino Night
  • Lunar Landing Cat Space Mission
  • Cat Spa Retreat
  • Garden Picnic Paw-ty
  • Cat Film Festival
  • Cat Burglar Heist Adventure
  • Ice Cream Sundae Cat Social
  • Circus Cat Acrobatics Show
  • Time Traveling Cat Adventure
  • Cat Scientist Lab Experiment
  • Mad Scientist Cat Laboratory
  • Candyland Cat Candy Buffet
  • Medieval Cat Jousting Tournament
  • Arabian Nights Cat Market Bazaar
  • Cat Cafe Paint & Sip
  • Underwater Cat Treasure Hunt
  • Cat Circus Ringmaster’s Extravaganza
  • Winter Wonderland Cat Snowball Fight
  • Super Cat Hero vs. Villain Showdown
  • Pirate Cat Treasure Hunt
  • Galaxy Cat Space Adventure
  • Cat Wizard’s Spellbinding Workshop
  • Cat Fashion Runway Show
  • DIY Cat Toy Crafting Party
  • Cat Supermodel Photoshoot
  • Cat Garden Tea Party
  • Cat-themed Movie Marathon
  • Cat Book Club Party
  • Cat-themed Karaoke Night
  • Cat-themed Trivia Night
  • Cat Poetry Slam
  • Cat Costume Party
  • Cat Painting Party
  • Cat Cake Decorating Contest
  • Cat Cookie Baking Party
  • Cat Tailoring Workshop
  • Cat-themed Board Game Night
  • Cat-themed Escape Room Challenge
  • Cat-themed Scavenger Hunt
  • Cat-themed Puzzle Party
  • Cat-themed Video Game Tournament
  • Cat-themed Crafting Workshop
  • Cat-themed Talent Show
  • Cat-themed Comedy Night
  • Cat-themed Variety Show
  • Cat-themed Magic Show
  • Cat-themed Storytelling Night

Ta-da! A little frosting, a few treats and this party is about to be ameowzing! However you celebrate your furry friend’s big day – just make sure you’re only treating them to foods that are safe for cats to eat.