Bing pixel Meet Sara, the Cat Who Survived a Fire and Got a Second Chance on Life

Meet Sara, the Cat Who Survived a Fire and Got a Second Chance on Life

Animal Haven
World’s Best Cat Litter™ is partnering with five amazing shelters in 2017 for our GiveLitter™ charity program. In this new blog series, we will spotlight each shelter and what makes them #ALitterBitAmazing. This month’s featured shelter is Animal Haven.

#ALitterBitAmazing Story from Animal Haven

Sara the cat is no stranger to hardship. Just last year, the home Sara was living in caught ablaze and completely burned down. For an entire week after, Sara’s family could not locate her.

Eventually, Sara was found stuck underneath the porch of the house in terrible condition. Her fur was singed, she was hungry and dehydrated and, most troubling, extremely hypothermic. To make matters even worse, her family could no longer afford to keep her or help provide medical care after losing their home.

Luckily for Sara, this sad story has a happy ending. The sweet feline was given a second chance by the kind folks at Animal Haven in New York City, and after spending some time at the emergency vet and a medical foster home, now has a loving, new forever home. “We feel really lucky to have adopted her,” say Sara’s new parents. “She is such a special cat, we love her so much.”

A focus on fostering relationships

At Animal Haven, there is no case too challenging to find a cat a forever family. The no-kill shelter has an incredible 200-300 volunteers on hand to get cats in need back on their feet and into the right home, on top of the dozen full- and part-time staff members that work there. The shelter got its start as a tiny operation out of a home in Flushing, Queens 50 years ago, and is now a thriving operation that helps get approximately 400 cats adopted a year. Animal Haven also runs a robust foster program of volunteers who house and take care of their animals until they are placed with their adoptive parents.

“We focus on forming personal and long-term bonds with all our adopters and animals,” says Kendra Mara, associate director at Animal Haven. “We are always available for questions and assistance. And we ALWAYS take our animals back. Even if it’s 10 years down the road.”

Another way Animal Haven is #ALitterBitAmazing? They run a behavior intervention program to help animals who are having a hard time getting adopted, which not only helps their cats find homes, but ensures they have an easier transition when they do. This includes using clicker training methods, calming music, positive reinforcement and desensitization techniques to increase adoptability.

50 years of saving lives

Located in downtown Manhattan, Animal Haven makes sure to regularly give back to its community. This includes running an after-school program called Caring Kids, which introduces children ages 5-8 to basic animal care and informs them about existing issues in animal welfare. Animal Haven has also partnered with Humane Education Advocates Reaching Teachers’ (HEART) to enhance the program and offer exciting new activities and topics, ranging from farm animals to wildlife. They also run corporate volunteer days, free pet seminars and more.

This June, Animal Haven will be celebrating 50 years of saving cats, dogs and other critters with a gala event at New York’s Capitale restaurant.

Learn more about Animal Haven by visiting them online, and show them your support by voting for them in our #GiveLitter charity effort!