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6 Cute Ideas for a Cat’s Birthday Party

6 Cute Ideas for a Cat’s Birthday Party

You say it’s your cat’s birthday? Time to party! If you’re like us, you’ll take any excuse to celebrate your cat, so we scoured the Internet for cute ideas for a cat’s birthday party. (Or a cat-themed party for a human, in case your cat isn’t the partying type.) Here are some of our favorites:


1. Yarn Ball Cupcakes.

Use red licorice rope to decorate cupcakes with edible “yarn balls.” (For human consumption only, of course!)


2. Catify Your Guests.

Pick up some headbands and felt, and transform your human guests into cats for the day!


3. Cat Food Cake.

A can of your cat’s favorite wet food makes a great “birthday cake”—dress it up with heart-shaped pieces of ham to make it extra special.


4. Kitty Chandelier.

Decorate the party space with toy mice and embroidery hoops. Bonus: Doubles as your cat’s newest obsession when the party’s over.


5. Strawberry Mice.

Your human party guests may not be great at catching mice—so make it easy for them with these strawberry treats.

Cat Party Favor Bags

6. Cat Party Favor Bags.

Send your guests home happy with some treats packaged in paper bags decorated with construction paper cat faces.

Whether you’re planning a party for your cat, or you just want to show your #IMACRAZYCATLADY pride at your next people party, these cute ideas for a cat’s birthday party are sure to make your guests smile. Have you ever thrown a birthday party for your cat? We’d love to see the pictures! Post them on Pinterest and tag us @bestcatlitter!