Bing pixel Crush the "Crazy Cat Lady" Stereotype and Celebrate Your Cat Pride
Crush the "Crazy Cat Lady" Stereotype and Celebrate Your Cat Owner Pride

Crush the “Crazy Cat Lady” Stereotype and Celebrate Your Cat Owner Pride


World’s Best Cat Litter™ believes it’s time for us to celebrate our common love for cats and debunk the “crazy cat lady” stereotype by turning it on its head to illustrate what we already know – owning a cat is just cool.

We interact with thousands of fans and followers, shelter workers, bloggers, cat experts and other “regular people” each day. They are crazy about cats, but they are living examples that the “crazy cat lady” stereotype is a myth. Today’s cat lover is actually a remarkably diverse breed. They are older couples, young singles, college students, tough guys, business executives and entrepreneurs, adventurers, working moms, grandfathers, celebrities and everything in between. The only common denominator is their love for cats and their desire to give their cat everything they need to live a healthy and happy life.

That’s why we’ve launched a year-long campaign dedicated to celebrating you: the cat lover who is proud to say #IMACRAZYCATLADY. Today’s cat owners are individuals and we encourage you to share the #IMACRAZYCATLADY mantra to disprove a stereotype that has persisted for too long. If you’re already vocal, we encourage you to continue sharing. If you’ve been quiet about your love for cats, feel free to speak up! With more than 95 million cats in U.S. households alone (ahem … 12 million more than dogs), we can make some noise.


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