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Top 5 Internet Cat Sensations

Who Will Be The Next Feline to Go Hollywood?

Have you heard the news? Grumpy Cat recently landed an agent and a movie deal – she’s gone Hollywood. So now that the door is wide open for Internet felines to make it big in tinseltown, we wanted to share some of our favorite internet feline sensations who also deserve their big Hollywood break.


On the surface, Maru is your typical Scottish Fold kitty: he’s big and fluffy, enjoys napping on his back (paws in the air) and loves squeezing into whatever box or tight space he can. So what’s his claim to fame? Try over 215 million YouTube views! With that kind of popularity and all-around cuteness Maru could star alongside anybody in Hollywood.


Quite a few felines have large online followings, but only one has a whole army. Meet Sockington, the Twitter sensation with a whopping 1,390,000 (and counting) followers! Never shy about tweeting his views on just about anything (e.g. “ROLL ROLL ROLL this is my carpet THERE ARE MANY LIKE IT but this one is mine ROLL ROLL ROLL”), Sockington would make a great screenwriter.

internet-cat-sensations4COLONEL MEOW

If Grumpy Cat is the grouchiest-looking kitty on the web then Colonel Meow is definitely the angriest-looking. Stern, ruthless and hell-bent on world domination, the Colonel is the kind of feline that scratches first and asks questions later. So if you ever have the misfortune of encountering him in a dark alley, run the other way! And as far as the silver screen is concerned, Colonel Meow would be the ideal super villain; Superman doesn’t stand a chance against this menacing furball.

internet-cat-sensations5LIL BUB

Dubbed “the most famous cat on the Internet”, Lil Bub is a unique and adorable-looking “perma-kitten” — meaning she permanently looks like a kitten. Born with several genetic mutations, she has a short lower jaw and lacks any teeth, which causes her tongue to always stick out. Lil Bub is actually already a celebrity (having been featured in the documentary Lil Bub & Friendz) but her personality is so distinctive that she could just as easily act in her own feature film.

internet-cat-sensations6KEYBOARD CAT

In Internet time Keyboard Cat has been around for ages. His first video uploaded on YouTube as far back as 2007. But despite his age, there’s no question this kitty’s musical talents are undeniable, banging on that keyboard with all the grace and style of a young Mozart. And with a brand new Star Wars trilogy in the works, we think Keyboard Cat would be a great fit to compose the score.


What about you? Who are your favorite web felines?

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