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Pam, who blogs at Just Like June, is an imperfect mom to a family that includes a college aged daughter who is thrilled to be celebrating her freshman year far away, a fifteen year old boy and a nine year old boy.

She’s also a “fur mom” to a trio of spoiled cats, Okie, Mitzie, and Sassie, and a Corgie Mix, Rio. She is foster mom to Oliver the cat and has one grandcat, Fuzzy. In her past life she was an elementary school teacher who has moved on into homeschooling the kids and teaching a couple of high school classes on the side. Her latest adventure is raising sheep.



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When our cat, Mitzie, began to lose all of her fur, we immediately took her to the vet. After looking at her for several minutes, the doctor diagnosed her as having allergies and offered us steroids. We began a strict regime of steroids, with no positive results. Instead, more fur fell out. People began to assume she was hairless. In an effort to stop the hair loss, I dressed her in a shirt, thinking she could not lick off her fur, but I was wrong. Relief came in the form of an unusual source, holistic medicine. Not sure if holistic medicine is right for you?


1. Holistic Vets allot more time per visit.

Most holistic vets allot up to an hour to sit down with the owners and discuss the pet’s history, diet and lifestyle. They take time to “get to know the pet” before beginning the examination, believing that what works on one animal might not work on another. They will discuss different treatment options, including traditional Western medicine, as they try to get to the root of the problem.

2. Holistic Vets attempt to create a less stressful experience for the pet.

With relaxing rooms, decorated in soothing accents, and allowing the pet to explore the room before the vet enters, pets can become acclimated to their surroundings. This is especially helpful for nervous animals.

3. Holistic Care allows pet owners to be involved in their pet’s health.

Many holistic vets encourage pet parents to make informed and active decisions about a pet’s health. They explore mental, physical and emotional behavior and encourage owners to make healthy lifestyle choices for their pet.


Mitzie was treated with a combination of behavioral therapy and conventional medicine, resulting in a happier, calmer kitty and relieved owners. If you are interested in holistic medicine for your pet, as with any vet, be sure to check credentials and references.

Best regards,
Pam Wattenbarger

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