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Cats and Dogs: The 5 Cutest Videos

Celebrating the greatest “frienemies” in honor of National Dog Adoption Month.

It’s often said cats and dogs are natural enemies. But here at World’s Best Cat Litter™ we know there are countless pet parents who have both cats and dogs that often become the best of friends! Do they sometime annoy one another? Absolutely, but they also play, cuddle and even give each other massages (yes, we have proof).

And since October is National Dog Adoption Month, we’re celebrating just how well they can get along! We’ve collected some of the most adorable (and surprising) feline/canine videos available on the Internet.

Introducing a new breed of cat – the Siamese Boxer

There’s a whole lot of snuggling going in this video


Pit bull watches over his kitten friend

Who said a cat doesn’t knead a dog?


Kitty getting a personal “German Shepherd bath”


We’re pretty sure you have your own unique cat and dog videos to share with the rest of the world.

Have a cat and a canine? Tell us how they entertain one another in the comments section below!

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