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Can you guess which of these “black cat facts” are real?

Can you guess which of these “black cat facts” are real?

Halloween is upon us so we thought it would be fun to test your knowledge of one of the most famous symbols of the holiday: the black cat. Take our quiz and guess which of these facts are true and which are just tricks.


The Ancient Egyptian Feline Goddess—named “Bastet”—was represented with the body of a woman and the head of a black cat.

Seventeenth century English monarch Charles the 1st owned a black cat. When his beloved companion passed away, the king proclaimed, “Alas my luck is gone.” He was arrested for high treason the next day and later executed.

During the Renaissance in Italy, a renewed interest in Egyptian culture led to a “black cat craze.” School children drew images of black cats on the walls of public buildings until religious authorities put an end to the fad.

Since the 19th century the black cat has been the mascot of many anarchist organizations. They adopted it as a symbol of sabotage due to its uncanny ability to hide in the shadows.

Every year, on the first day of autumn, a black cat race is held on the mythical site of Stonehenge in honor of an ancient Celtic fairy.

Sailors’ wives would sometimes keep a black cat home while their husbands were away at sea in the hopes it would protect them.

The all-black pigmentation is more common among female cats than their male counterparts.

The Scottish believe that the random appearance of a black cat at your doorstep foreshadows prosperity.

In 1889 French author Jules Vernes successfully petitioned the government to make the black cat the official pet of Paris. He argued that no other animal had done so much to curb the city’s rising rat population.

In Japan, it is said that a young lady in possession of a black cat will attract many suitors.


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Happy Halloween!

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