By Douglas Dunn

My loyal followers and minions are all aware of the fact that my two leggers are loyal users of World’s Best Cat Litter™. But what they may not be aware of is how they came to discover this incredible product. When I first came to claim my kingdom, Ivan the Tolerable was the only other feline in residence. For those of you unfamiliar with Ivan, he is a large, dimwitted orange tabby that holds the distinction of being my Royal Stinkmeister. His stinkies are truly the stuff of legend. He actually has an international fanclub comprised entirely of skunks, pigs and sewage workers.With the addition of myself to the household, the two leggers realized a single litter box filled with bargain cat litter was not the answer to their olfactory dreams. They needed to find something that would hide the fact there were now two felines residing in the same small house. Plus there were extenuating circumstances. Not only is my house rather small, it is also located in the Pacific Northwest where it rains 542 days per year on average. This results in having very few days that encourage the opening of windows. Therefore, the need for effective cat litter is paramount.They began experimenting with different brands and formulations of cat litter. They first switched to the scoop-able type. This made cleaning easier, but the large clumps of ammonia soaked clay smelled just like large clumps of ammonia soaked clay.

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Douglas Dunn (aka Cujo Cat) is the author of “The Cujo Cat Chronicles, Musings of A Mad Housecat”. Born and raised in Central Texas, he now lives on Whidbey Island in Washington State with his lovely bride and enough animals to cast a Disney movie. He created The Cujo Cat Chronicles blogsite in an attempt to amuse his wife. Little did he know that within the first year of the blog, it would gain an international following with a Facebook fan club. In September of 2011 he published a book based on the blog and is in the process of writing another. He welcomes comments, critique, praise and adoration (well, not so much critique) and be contacted at

They then tried a litter that claimed to hide the worst odors. Ivan laughed in derision and proved their claims totally unfounded.

Next came the scented litter. It was advertised as smelling like a “fresh bouquet of flowers on a springtime morning”. It worked perfectly if one enjoys the smell of a urine soaked bouquet of flowers.

Finally, a friend of my two leggers (despite popular theory, they do have friends) suggested World’s Best Cat Litter™.

The effect was dramatic. It worked so well that it immediately threw Ivan into a fit of depression and self-doubt. Ivan takes great pride in his stinkies and suddenly felt he was losing his touch. I assured him he was indeed losing his touch and encouraged him to work harder.

Three months later, reinforcements arrived in the form of a whiny, gray, female tabby named Tiger Lily. Believing this gave us the upper paw, Ivan immediately cheered up and renewed his aromatic mission. But alas, the two leggers were onto us and countered by adding a third litter box and switching to the “Multiple Cat Clumping Formula” of World’s Best Cat Litter™. It” was so effective at odor removal, I actually began to fear that Ivan might simply be absorbed leaving nothing but a few tufts of odorless orange fur.

I must admit, the two leggers may have won this battle, but we are not giving up. We fully intend to win The War of the Noses.

Ivan is currently experimenting with his diet in order to improve his stinkage.

Anyone know of a cat food company offering “Tex-Mex”?