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Litter boxes come in all shapes and sizes and that’s good because we cats come in all shapes, sizes and preferences too! If you are having trouble with your feline buddy peeing or pooping where he shouldn’t, you should consider experimenting with different types of litter boxes. Here are a few options:

Basic, no frills
This is the rectangular box you can find pretty much anywhere they sell pet supplies. They’re inexpensive and work just dandy.

These bad boys have a “hood” that lifts on and off for easy access by the humans. Cats, of course, have to hop through the entryway. Covered boxes are good for those of us who prefer privacy to do our business. And lots of cat parents like them too because they minimize odor.

But some cats don’t like that there is only one way in and one way out. This means we can get “trapped” in the box with no escape if there is a dog, small human or another bully cat hanging around. So keep that in mind.

Disposable litter boxes mean the humans just throw them away once they get icky. These would also be great solutions for traveling with your cat. If your cat agrees to travel with you, that is.

Top entry
Like covered boxes, top entry boxes offer privacy and help contain the stinky. This might not be a great solution for older cats because they have trouble climbing in and out of these boxes so keep that in mind.

Self-scooping, automated litter boxes have a raking mechanism that scoops up the clumps and dumps them in a repository that the humans switch out every so often. I’ve heard people like these because they require less bending over and scooping.

Fancy schmancy
For those humans whose delicate sensibilities just can’t deal with the sight of a litter box, there are tons of options out there. Some boxes are hidden inside pretty furniture or plant pots. I even heard about a woman who created a built-in litter box solution in a dresser drawer!

Remember, the most important opinion about the litter box is the opinion of the one who is using it! If your cat isn’t thrilled with it, you’re headed for trouble. So try different options and find one that everyone likes!

Meow for now,