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Litter Box Essentials for Large Breed Cats

I grew up with Ragdoll Cats, which are a larger breed of cat and therefore have different litter box needs. Of course, I wouldn’t come to understand this until I was old enough to piece together some of my own research about litter box essentials for large breed cats.

I had my Rags for 19.5 years. I got him when I was 10 years old, so it was not until later in life when I had a bit more experience, and hindsight, that I figured out some of his litter box troubles.

Here are three things I learned that might help you with your large breed cat and litter boxes.

Nice Big Litter Box – 1 per Cat per Floor

The bigger the better when it comes to litter boxes for large breed cats. I have read that some people even use large plastic storage containers from companies like Rubbermaid and Sterlite to use for their cats’ litter box.

Petco makes and sells a great sized litter box for large breed cats too – The PETCO Mega Rectangular Litter Box. It is large and gives them enough room to move around to do their business.

It’s also important to have multiple litter boxes per cat per floor. When Rags was 18, I ended up putting a litter box on every floor – while not completely ideal in the fashion sense, it was ideal for him and ideal for me because it meant less accidents. I mean, think about it, if you were in your upper 90s (an 18 year old cat is about 90 years old), would you want to go down a flight of stairs to go to the bathroom? Not to mention that the size relationship for a cat compared to a human is quite drastic – so it’s a lot longer distance for them than it is for us.

Lastly, I wouldn’t suggest a hooded litter box. With a hooded litter box, the ammonia odor from cat’s urine is trapped and can become really offensive (think of it like walking into a Johnny on the Spot on a warm day – not a terribly inviting place to take care of business!).

A Great Litter Scoop for Each Litter Box Station

Scooping your litter box and keeping it clean in general will help prevent accidents too. My favorite litter scoop hands down is the Litter Lifter, it makes scooping a breeze and because of its peaked blades there isn’t nearly as much dust.

It’s best to scoop waste a few times a day – that’s ideal, but really it should be scooped at least once a day. Cats have very little tolerance to walking on their old feces and urine in order to use the restroom again!

I like to have a waste basket next to the litter boxes and I keep my scoop in that along with a plastic baggie from the grocery store (to reuse it).

Great Litter for Your Litter Box

When it comes to litter, there are a lot of choices out there. I prefer to use one that is all natural and clumping. So while clay litter does a nice job in keeping away the odor, it’s not the best for our kitties’ tummies, so I prefer to use, World’s Best Cat Litter’s Scented Multiple Cat Clumping Formula.

I love that it has lavender oil in it so that it smells like something natural and not artificial.

The clumping part makes it easy to scoop – especially with the Litter Lifter. It also makes it so there is no feces or urine in the litter box – non-clumping litter leaves remnants of feces and urine throughout the litter box, not making it very inviting for your kitty!

You’ve got to find a litter that both you and your cat like. If you don’t care for your current litter, then you can always change to a new litter. It’s just not a great idea to do it cold turkey. If you want to change your current litter to World’s Best Cat Litter’s Scented Multiple Cat Clumping Formula, for example, here’s a way to do it:

WATCH THE VIDEO. Also, keep in mind that it’s not a good idea to feed your kitty within smelling distance of the litter box – just like you, your kitty doesn’t enjoy smelling his business while eating a meal!

What are some litter box essentials that are must-haves for you and your kitty?