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GiveLitter™ raises more than eight tons of free litter for Texas animal shelters!

It’s only fitting that Texas would produce a result this big! In only 45 days we have been able to raise 17,404 pounds of World’s Best Cat Litter™ for three worthwhile animal rescue organizations.

Thanks to the dedicated support of our loyal cat-loving community, we are preparing to deliver several thousand pounds of much-needed litter to the Austin Humane Society, Citizens for Animal Protection, and the SPCA of Texas.

All three organizations work on the front lines in major cities to find forever homes for felines in need. Soon they all will be the recipients of pallets of World’s Best Cat Litter™ thanks to the GiveLitter™ charitable initiative that proved you don’t have to hail from Texas to have a big heart! People from all over the country cast 61,174 votes!

Let’s “paws” for a moment and check out just how successful this GiveLitter™ round has been. The numbers don’t lie!

The great news is that all three rescue organizations win because each one will be receiving substantial quantities of free World’s Best Cat Litter™. Thanks to everyone who helped make this a huge success!

And while this round of GiveLitter™ is over, be sure to stay connected with us by checking out our new Cats Across the Country photo contest. Entering is free and you could win big simply by showing your cat’s state pride!