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Winter blues? Snow problem … curl up next to a fire and watch these funny videos!

Cat-fight participant burrows in snow!

Imagine looking into your backyard and seeing this snow-cat!

Bengals compete on giant hampster-wheel???

This is why we litter-box train!

Tips and Tales!!!

Mad Cat?

Does your cat beg for attention and then suddenly scratch you? Is a health problem possibly causing your feline friend to lash out? Recognize the signs of a problem and check out these tips for dealing with four different types of cat aggression!

Countering exploration?

Your feline friend is naturally curious, but that doesn’t mean you want him or her on your kitchen counter. Check out this article to learn five tips that combat your kitty’s “counter-surfing” habit.

Who’s more intelligent? Cats or Dogs?

A new study suggests dogs could be smarter than cats. WHAT?? Do you agree? Check out this story to learn more!

Planning a trip? Take you feline friend with you …