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Blogging for a Cause—Be The Change and Join Blogathon 2010!

This weekend we invite you to be a part of a fun and rewarding virtual block party put on by our good friend Dr. V, of Dr. V, aka Jessica, is an all-star veterinarian with a big heart and a great blog. Dr. V will be leading a team of blogger participants who will all be helping to raise money during a zany 24-hour blogathon!

It’s raining cats and blogs this weekend and here are some of the top reasons to participate in this special event:

  • Help raise money for a great cause. All of the fundraising efforts will go towards the acquisition of a service dog for Bradyn. Service dogs are a life-changing gift for people who have special needs like Bradyn. However, the average service dog costs nearly $22,000 to train and place! Bradyn’s family needs all the support they can get in order to land this amazing gift for their son!
  • Laughs! There should be plenty of these to go around including a very special segment with our litter.  Hint—have you ever seen the show Iron Chef? Let’s just say we are lending a hand in providing the secret ingredient.
  • Prizes! There will be a lot of great prize opportunities including the chance to win some World’s Best Cat Litter™.

For details on this weekend’s event please read her announcement post. You can also stay updated on the Blogathon by joining her on Facebook.

The Blogathon officially starts tomorrow, Saturday, November 13, at 11am (PST)! We hope you can be a part of it in any way possible and we will be do our best to share highlights on our Twitter and Facebook pages!

Have a great weekend!

–World’s Best Cat Litter™