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The wait for weight—GiveLitter™ grows to over 6,000 pounds and counting!

Great News! In just 20 days, your support has helped raise over 6,000 pounds of litter. That’s right, 6,000 pounds of litter…, wow! Let’s think about this impressive number a little further. As you are hopefully aware at this point, we at World’s Best Cat Litter™ are big time cat lovers. But in addition to being feline fanatics, we also have an affinity for all animals. That said–here is a fun representation of what 6,000 pounds consists when using some fine specimen of the animal kingdom:

  • One rad rhino
  • Two mammoth sized Moose
  • 5 magnificent mountain lions
  • 2 burly black bears

Now that’s a lot of teeth, horns, claws and most importantly weight! If everyone keeps donating and spreading the word we can grow this number even larger! Are you ready? Here are some ways to help in a big way!

1.)    Vote and donate once a day by visiting or using the GiveLitter™ page on Facebook.

2.)    Share something on your blog, Facebook, or Tweet about the opportunity to help cats via GiveLitter™. Also, remember that for every new fan on Facebook until Nov. 8 one pound of litter will be donated instantly!

3.)    Share the giving spirit by displaying a cool GiveLitter™ badge.

4.)    Tell your friends, family and anyone else who would be willing to help. It only takes a matter of a couple clicks to help!

5.)    Have another idea or way to spread the word? Please share it right here on Clearing the Air.

Alright everyone, keep up the good work and we will keep stacking the donated litter higher and higher!

–World’s Best Cat Litter™