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Win Big! Enter The World’s Best Cat Litter™ Craziest Cat-ption Contest! Ends 08/25

This month at World’s Best Cat Litter™, a little bubble formed over our heads with the thought of doing a fun contest! When weighing all the options, we thought, what is better than putting a cat into caption? Better yet, how about letting our customers, friends and fans write the caption for a chance to win a prize?

So, now is your chance to win a purr-ize package from World’s Best Cat Litter™! All we ask is that you submit a caption for the image above by either submitting a comment on this post or @mentioning our @bestcatlitter profile on Twitter with the word “cat-ption” followed by your entry. You can also submit your caption by using the handy tweet this button we added below!

Once you provide a caption you will automatically be entered for a chance to win one of three purr-ize packages below!

#1 The Cat’s Meow Cat-ption!
Prize: 34lb. bag, litter mat and T-Shirt!

#2 The Pur-fect Cat Cat-ption
Prize: 17lb. bag and litter mat!

#3 The Cool Cat’s Cat-ption
Prize: 7lb. bag!

Ok, the contest ends on 08/25, so do some thinking and send us your cattiest remarks!

Best of Luck,
–World’s Best Cat Litter™