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Celebrate National Hot Dog Month by keeping your pets cool!

Hot diggity dawg, it’s toasty out there! So it’s only appropriate that July is National Hot Dog Month, proof positive we love to grill and enjoy some fun in a bun. In fact, according to the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council, Americans eat 20 billion hot dogs every year!

But while you’re enjoying a dog or two, please remember to keep your cats and other pets cool. Here are some tips to help ensure your pets enjoy a summer—even when the heat is tough to beat!

• Hydrate at a greater rate. Be sure to keep plenty of fresh water available at all times of day. Try to keep the water as cool as possible by placing a bowl in the shade or a cool area. Also, use a bowl that tends to stay cooler like ceramic and plastic bowls. Have a few extra bucks to spend? Grab a self-cooling water bowl such as Cool Lap Bowl or Chilly-A-Bowl.

• Be shady. Try to entice your pets to hang out in the shade by moving their bowls, toys or beds to dark and cool areas. Note: the sun moves throughout the day; so be sure to check to make sure your pet’s repose stays shady.

• Give them a cool “do”. When the sun gets too hot for our longhaired friends, consider grooming and maintenance. We recommend consulting with your vet on specifically how your pet should be groomed or trimmed during the summer to keep them cool.

• Create the perfect place to chill. If you have the time and resources, you can build a temperature-controlled sanctuary for your pet! It’s a big project that should earn a lifetime of licks and purrs of gratitude.

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Enjoy the summer! May your hot dogs be grilling and your cats be chilling. And may you enjoy both … with relish!

Frank-ly yours,
–World’s Best Cat Litter™