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The Best of Cats on the Internet – March 2010

As the month of March, or as some might say “Meowarch!”, is now behind us, we would like to share some of the finest it had to offer on the Internet. So grab a snack and kick back and relax while enjoying the “Best of Cats on the Internet” for March!

Kitty Cat Video Corner

Kiss Me I’m Catish
This cat knew how to score some extra loving on St. Patty’s Day. “If I act adorable and wander around on these decorations so my food provider can take a video, I will be sure to get a few extra scratches behind my ear!”

Bang Bang Play Dead
This kitty needs to move to Hollywood. Hmmm, maybe a Matt Damon and Cooper box office smash hit?

Best of the Cat Blogosphere

It looks like someone has gotten a little “Pawcurious” about World’s Best Cat Litter™. We invite you to check out what Dr. V. had to say about World’s Best Cat Litter™.

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Tips, Tricks and General Info

If you liked the video of Cooper playing dead, you should check out these neat cat tricks to teach your favorite feline!

The best of feline fitness—here are a few general tips on how to keep your kitten kicking! From Catnip to cat-aerobics they have it all!

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