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Step up and green it up for Earth Day – Top Ways to Celebrate Earth Day’s 40th Anniversary

Greetings and greenings to everyone,

Humans, pets, plants and all walks of life are as different as the seasons. However, as unique and different as we all might be, we share one giant think in common-the planet! That said, wouldn’t it be a good idea for all of us to give a special thank you to the wonderful round ball beneath all of our feet?

We at World’s Best Cat Litter™ are pumped for the 40th anniversary of Earth Day on April 22, 2010! In prep for this historic event, we wanted to share some fun ways to celebrate this special occasion! From clothing, to household products there are countless ways to lead a sustainable life in the twenty-first century. Here a just a few among many!

There are many different products created and designed with the intentions of keeping your pets green! Here are a few of our favorite:

How many of your cat’s toys are actually “green” and earth-friendly? Maybe you should consider buying your cats a Chase The Hemp Cat Tail … for play time purposes of course!



Does your cat have an Itch? A bamboo square with Mohair green or brown, the perfectly green pet scratcher.



How about Wooly Dust Bunnies? These unique, organic dust bunnies are perfect for chasing!




If you aren’t looking to spoil your pet with anymore organic or natural toys this time of year, there are tons of ways to make sure you and your pets stay eco-friendly!

1. Adopt. Sometimes pet ownership goes through cycles-it is always great when ownership gets recycled back to great and loving pet owners. Why spend the money and time buying a new pet when you can adopt one of the thousands of pets that will be living in shelters this year.

2. Clean up the mess. It is not the most glorious part of being a pet owner, but if you are going to do it right, make sure you pick up your pets waste. Use a biodegradable bag instead of plastic or create a compost pile if you can!

3. Pay attention to what you are feeding your pet! There are many 100% organic pet foods available these days, give them a try!

4. Lend a hand! Not just for Earth Day, but every day you should be looking to pick up rubbish those less considerate pollute the ground with. However, if the weather is nice this coming Earth Day, get outside, bring your pet and do a little cleaning up!

Finally, check out this list of the “Best Sustainable Items for Earth Day 40th Anniversary.”

Do you have great Earth Day tip to share? What are you doing to celebrate the Earth Day 40th Anniversary with your pet? Let us know by posting a comment below!

So cheers to keeping the earth healthy and clean! For all our customers out there thanks for celebrating earth day year round through purchases of World’s Best Cat Litter™!

A big green thumbs up,
— World’s Best Cat Litter™