Bing pixel Help Give World’s Best Cat Litter™ to Cats in Need - November-

Help Give World’s Best Cat Litter™ to Cats in Need – November

Hi, everyone!

First and foremost, thanks everyone for spreading the word and helping with this effort! We were truly amazed with the turnout and participation from everyone during our last post. We were more than happy to deliver a couple bags of World’s Best Cat Litter™ to the charities and groups selected last month.

As promised we are offering this opportunity for two more months. Just like last time, we invite you to leave a comment on this post and tell us why we you are recommending your choice. We will then draw two submissions, FIVE DAYS after each post, and send each a 34-lb bag of cat litter. And we’ll post the names of our winners-and the people who recommended them—in upcoming blogs!

For all of those who participated in the lasts month’s opportunity after the five day period had ended, we are going to include you in this month’s selection. For this month the official submission period will end on Tuesday, November 17.

Ok, you know what to do! Tell us who you want to receive some litter this month!

Very Best,
–World’s Best Cat Litter™