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World’s Best Cat Litter is on Facebook and Twitter! Now accepting all friends, furriends, and followers!

We at World’s Best Cat Liter™ are very lucky. We have all these great customers, fans, and furriends using our products, following our updates, visiting our site and—best of all—sharing their experiences with others along the way. So we got this idea: let’s use two of the most popular and exciting ways on the Internet to share more about ourselves.

We invite everyone to come follow us on Twitter @bestcatlitter and become a fan of us on our new Facebook fan page.

Come on by and let’s do a little tweet and greet. It doesn’t matter if you have claws or shoes on your feet, tails or nails, whiskers or scruff, we invite everyone to learn a little more about us.

Not on Facebook or Twitter? Here are three pawsome reasons for joining.

  1. Make more friends and furriends
  2. Get the latest and greatest from those you care about
  3. Share your latest and greatest to those you care about

Ready to join now? Simply visit or for further instruction.

Happy Tweeting, Friending and Following to all!