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Our New Site is Up and We Think You’ll Like It!

The new World’s Best Cat Liter™ Web site ( is up and running. And we hope you not only take a gander at it; we hope you tell us what you think!

Why? Well, if you’re here, it proves you think about cat litter almost as much as we do. Chances are you’ve muttered over your litter. We bet your relationship with your pointy-eared friends have once or twice been strained by what you have once or twice scooped. That means you understand the value of using the best solution for cat litter boxes.

And that means your opinion is valuable.

So, we’re reaching out in every way we can. You’ll notice on our new Web site you can now link to us via Facebook and Twitter. You’ll also find cool features, such as:

  • Video demonstrations showing why World’s Best Cat Litter™ work so well
  • Helpful FAQs
  • Fun downloads
  • This blog and more!

Take a look. What do you like best? What’s most helpful? When you let us know what you think, you’ll be entered for a chance to win a FREE T-shirt or bag of World’s Best Cat Litter™!

How’s that for a first blog entry? Free stuff! Simply leave a comment on this post and you’ll automatically be entered to win. The winner will be chosen in a random drawing on September 1. (Limited to addresses in the United States. Our apologies to les chat and el gato lovers everywhere.)

Very Best,
–World’s Best Cat Litter™