At World's Best Cat Litter™, we want you and your cats to have a great litter box experience. That's why we've teamed up with top feline experts to give you litter box solutions and helpful tips for making the litter box a happier place for your cat. And when your cat is happier with the litter box, you will be happier—we promise.

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The host of Animal Planet's hit show My Cat From Hell, our friend Jackson Galaxy shares his knowledge from more than fifteen years of experience as a cat behaviorist. When it comes to the litter box, Jackson has seen it all and he's here to help.



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One Box Per Cat, Plus One

Get out of your comfort zone and change your relationship with litter boxes. Even if it seems to be working, three cats shouldn't be sharing the same litter box. Cats compete for space—like the litter box—so make sure you give them plenty of it.


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Visit the Vet

If your cat suddenly stops using the litter box, go to the vet to rule out any kind of illness. You can tell if your cat is experiencing discomfort by watching how they behave in the litter box. If they do an "after-litter dash" without bothering to bury their waste, it may be a sign of a bigger problem.


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Choose the Best Location

The best place for the litter box is wherever works best for your cat—not you. Compromise, compromise, compromise! Even if you're not crazy about where the litter box lives, consider the alternative—accidents, accidents, accidents!


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Consider the smell of the cat litter

You have 5 million scent receptors—your cat has 200 million. So if perfume-y, dusty litter is annoying to you, think of how your cat feels! Fortunately, natural litters like World's Best Cat Litter™ offer odor control.


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Make sure it feels good

Different cats prefer different textures in the litter box. Some cats—especially those who've been declawed—can be very sensitive to the jagged texture of crystal, pellet or clay litters. That's why a litter like World's Best Cat Litter™ is a better choice for your cat.


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Use the right amount of litter

Sometimes less litter is better. Using too much litter in the box can make it difficult for some cats to maintain stability, especially an older, arthritic cat.


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Choose the right litter box

The litter box must be a convenient and friendly place for your cat. Your cat should gladly enter the box, not sniff around gingerly as if exploring a dark or scary cave. Tailor the litter box to your cat's individual needs.


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Consider losing the lid

Some cats like to have lids on their litter boxes, but lids can cause tension in a multi-cat household. If one cat is getting bullied, a lidded litter box could be a setup for an ambush. Privacy isn't your cat's top concern, so ditch the lid to keep the peace.


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Choose the right angle

One important detail that cat parents often overlook is the placement of the litter box. Always make sure the litter box is facing the room, and not the wall or corner. Doing so ensures that your cat gets a good view of their surroundings and can do their business comfortably.


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Keep it clean

We complain about the smell and the mess—yet we sometimes avoid scooping the litter box like a trip to the DMV. Your cats don't like a dirty litter box any more than you do. So scoop it every day, not twice a week!




As a veterinarian and pet wellness expert, Dr. Melissa Brookshire has been helping pets and their human families live happier, healthier lives since 1998. Check out her tips for solving litter box problems—from a vet's point of view!

#1 Keep the Litter Box Clean
#2 Clean Up Accidents
Tip #3 Use Multiple Litter Boxes
Tip #4 Make Box Access Easy
Tip #5 Keep Food and the Litter Box Separate
Tip #6 Switch Litters Gradually
Tip #7 Use the Right Amount of Litter
Tip #8 Store Litter in the Right Spot
Tip #9 Teach Your Cat to Love the Box
Tip #10 Change Litter Based on Usage
Tip #11 Monitor Your Cat
Tip #12 Safeguard Your Cat from U.T.I.s
Tip #13 Ensure That Litter Is Right for Your Cat
Tip #14 Use Litter for Its Designed Purpose Only
Tip #15 Practice Safety When Handling Dirty Litter
Tip #16 Keep Your Cat Content


Get tips and solutions for a cleaner litter box and a cleaner home from experts who understand that life with your cat doesn't have to stink!

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