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Do Cats Get Colds

Do Cats Get Colds?

Cold season is officially here—if you’re a human. As the days get shorter and the air gets colder, you may wonder do cats get colds, too? The short answer is, yes! Cats do get colds. But they don’t exactly get the same kinds of colds we do. Read on to learn more about cats and colds. Yes, Cats Can Get …

4 Ways to Have More Fun With Your Adult Cat

4 Ways to Have More Fun With Your Adult Cat

It’s easy to have fun with a kitten, but once your cat grows up, you may find yourself settling into a routine that’s, well, boring—for you and your cat. Luckily, it’s easy to liven things up with our 4 ways to have more fun with your adult cat….

5 Must-Know Tips for a Multi-Cat Household

5 Must-Know Tips for a Multi-Cat Household

There are plenty of benefits to having a multi-cat household—but having more than one cat can also bring its fair share of challenges. Check out our 5 tips for keeping your multi-cat household running smoothly. …

Reasons to Foster

8 Reasons to Foster a Cat

There are lots of good reasons to foster a cat. If you love cats and have the time, energy, and resources to spare, helping a homeless cat make the transition to a permanent home might be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. …

Cat Birthday Party

6 Cute Ideas for a Cat’s Birthday Party

You say it’s your cat’s birthday? Time to party! If you’re like us, you’ll take any excuse to celebrate your cat, so we scoured the Internet for cute ideas for a cat’s birthday party. (Or a cat-themed party for a human, in case your cat isn’t the partying type.) Here are some of our favorites—see them all on Pinterest. 1. …

Diseases in Older Cats

Dealing With The Two Most Common Diseases in Older Cats

Cats are living longer than ever—an average of 15-18 years for indoor cats. This is great news for pet parents, but cats often face special health challenges as they age. Hyperthyroidism and kidney disease are such common diseases in older cats, most cats who live into their golden years will end up with one or the other (or both). Luckily, …

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