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7 Ways to Keep Your Outdoor Cat Safe

If you have an outdoor cat, you may be concerned about safety—with good reason. From predators to cars, outdoor cats face real dangers. Keeping your cat completely indoors may not be feasible, so follow these tips to keep your outdoor cat as safe as possible. How to Keep Outside Cats Safe 1. Consider a “Catio” Giving your cat access to …


Top 10 Strangest Cat Breeds

What are the Strangest Cat Breeds? Did you know? About 3-5% of cats are purebreds, and some of them belong to some pretty strange cat breeds. We like a good tabby or calico housecat as much as anyone—but these 10 strangest cat breeds put a big smile on our faces. Top 10 Strangest Cat Breeds In no particular order, here …


The 10 Best Homemade Cat Toys

Feeling crafty? Homemade cat toys are an inexpensive, creative way to keep your cat amused—and they can be way better than anything you buy in a store! We assembled the best homemade cat toys on the web. The 10 Best Cat Toys You Can Make at Home In no particular order, here are 10 easy DIY cat toys you can …



Join Famous Cats in Helping Shelter Cats! Cast your FREE vote daily to help reach our goal of 50,000 pounds! World’s Best Cat LitterTM is excited to announce the largest round of the GiveLitterTM charity yet! We have partnered with famous cats Lil BUB, Hamilton the Hipster Cat, Murdock the Marvelous and Nala Cat to help them raise litter donations …


10 Ways to Keep your Cat Happy and Healthy

Your Cat Helps Keep You Happy and Healthy – Why Not Return the Favor? Check out our list of ways to keep your cat happy and healthy. Aim for a perfect 10, and you’ll have the happiest cat on the block. 10 Ways to Keep Your Cat Happy and Healthy Playtime. Playing lets your cat channel his instincts, wards off …


5 Fun Ways to Entertain Your Indoor Cat While You’re at Work

Logging Long Hours at Work? Keep Your Indoor Cat Entertained with these Fun, Easy Suggestions. Life is good for indoor cats. Regular meals, comfy couches, protection from the elements—and no predators! But for a species that’s designed to roam and hunt, spending all day inside can be boring and stressful, especially when their favorite human is at work. Luckily, a …

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  • One of the things many fans love about of World's Best Cat Litter™ is that our litter is pet, people and planet friendly. Read this review from the blog Darcy & Brian to see what they have to say about our all natural, whole-kernel corn litter!

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