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Should I get a Long-haired Cat, Short-haired Cat, or Hairless Cat?

Should I get a Long-haired Cat, Short-haired Cat, or Hairless Cat?

Dreaming of getting a new cat? One of the things to consider before you bring home a new feline friend is whether you should get a long-haired cat, a short-haired cat, or even a hairless cat. While some of this comes down to personal preference, there are a few important practical considerations when it comes to cat hair length—so choose …

5 Tricks to Help Your Cat Lose Weight

5 Tricks to Help Your Cat Lose Weight

There’s no two ways around it: tubby kitties are adorable. Who can resist those soft butterball bellies or plump little rumps? But no matter how we try to convince ourselves that there’s just more of a fat cat to love, the truth is that feline obesity compromises quality of life and longevity. The good news is, you can help your …


Why Do Cats Purr When You Pet Them?

The rumbling purr of a happy cat will melt your heart. But do you really know why cats purr when you pet them? Here are a few interesting facts about purring cats. 3 Interesting Facts About Why Cats Purr When You Pet Them 1. Housecats aren’t the only cats that purr Most wild cats make some version of the familiar …


How to Create a Cat-Friendly Room in Your House

How many felines can say they have a cat-friendly room in their house, designed entirely around their needs? My cat Turtle (aka Turdie) can! Turdie the Tortie’s favorite place in the house is our front guest room. It’s secluded and quiet, giving her the chance to relax and escape for a while – mainly from our dog, Chilly. It features …


6 Tips for Traveling With Your Cat

You may have been bitten by the travel bug-but your cat would just as soon stay home. Most cats are highly territorial, so taking a trip can be stressful and unpleasant. This goes double if your cat has learned to associate travel with going to the vet, kennel, or groomer. If you’re planning on traveling with a cat this summer, …



Help Extraordinary Cats do Extraordinary Things! Cast your FREE vote daily to help reach our goal of 30,000 pounds of donated litter! World’s Best Cat LitterTM is thrilled to announce another exciting round of GiveLitterTM, our unique cat charity! We have partnered with famous cats Spangles, Princess Monster Truck and Anakin to help them raise litter donations for their favorite …

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